February Photo Gallery One

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Caleb Turns Over Another Year

...and Saleem shaves himself bare in order that he can join the biggest pilgirmage on Earth.

Asian Clash

No, that's not a headline in the Oldham news, it's a tiny bar in Kumamoto city and one which this weekend crammed all these drunken souls within its confines. We drank, of course


Brooke in da house!

Grandpa Joe

Danger fast approaching I quickly took this picture so it could later be used as evidence of the intolerably cruelty of Oompaa Loompas. Grandpa Joe had to be identified from his dental records.


Well, we were back at Ted's. The whiskey ran like dirty coloured water down our throats and Ted played us his favourite 5 Californian blues-rock tunes, again. Do you remember the first time?


Mention muchos expensive drink, self timing cameras and large amounts of American rock played by Japanese guys called 'Ted' and what image do you get in your mind?

Slightly White Magic

This is actually me singing 'Black Magic Woman' to a bar containing well over 6 people! Ted and me rocked the house down. How does one dance in front of 6 people?

Fukuoka City

Lynsey and Midori share in the quality experience that is, in British slang, "getting pissed".

Nobody had their stomach pumped. Fukuoka city was relatively safe from our antics.


Welcome to Fukuoka's most futuristic and most run-down theme park. Explore the infinite depths of space and time through the moldy telescope that is Spaceworld - Fukuoka.

One of the attractions involved a huge plastic space shuttle blasting the few poor punters who had turned with water vapour. NASA, it is said, is looking into ways to make this themepark more fun, but as yet has found no solution known to modern science. In the future, hopefully, anything is possible.


This, it must be said, was the second greatest thrill of my life (after finding out that my ancestors were Gypsys).

The Auto-PandaTM can reach a top speed of 22cm an hour and has been known to cause G-forces in excess of 0.1G

Moon Landing

Here is undisputable evidence that Midori and Lynsey not only landed on the moon, but after doing so built a theme park of questionable fun-status on its surface.

Don't believe anything you hear unless doing so makes you feel more in control of your life. All other facts are meaningless.

Mr. Shiny-Jacket Man

This member of the Mashiki JHS staff wears his jacket all day long. This ain't a dig my friends. Indeed I am not one to mind devotion to a jacket THIS SHINY COOL! Classer than a bin bag on the head at a gimp party.

God Hands Maintenance Dick

The picture is crap, but that's what it says.

Note: Where God and Engrish are involved, all crap photos are worth a try. I just wish I'd got one of the sweatshirt I saw, across which were scrawled the words: GOD LOVES TECHNOLOGY! Genius...

Super Ramen

More pictures of pork bone-marrow broth. OOOOH! I do spoil you don't I? Zoom in real close and you can see the globdules of fat.

Horse Hormone

Stopping off at the local convenience store what do you crave? Maybe a helping of horse intestine in special sauce? Help yourself...


Adorning the upper coridoor of one of my Elementary schools is a long photo line-up of the headmasters from eras gone by. These two guys were the first (or at least the first to be controlling a school with access to photo technology).

They make me brown my pants.

Steele-y Kate

Gone silence; whipped Kate her lovingly rendered guitar fuelled vocals. Gone cerebral control; Amakusan, ALT, floor support of lower jaws. Gone cold surround; the local life on trudgery island. All went musical monumental; all lyrical fundamental; all chords, bars and harmony. Live from Canada...


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