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edited July 2006 in Consciousness
What? What?...What?........ Malkovich!...What?... who said that?


  • Sorry, It's my obtuse reaction to how quiet things have been, I feel like I've been talking to myself! What would you say if you ran into John Malkovich? I don't know if I could stop myself from doing That scene from 'Being John M...'
  • Thankgod for Transdimensionalrock....are you buggers still hungover?
  • huh? my feet are cold, im low on caffiene and the ebb and flow of the monotony is getting too much for me, I think its bed time soon.
  • oh and i'd ask malkovich if god could microwave a burrito so hot that it would burn gods own mouth.
  • Ah Homer, where would we be without him?
  • I always preferred the goofy, yellow skinned Homer to the Greek playwright of old.

    It's now legal again to worship 'pagan' Gods in Greece. Surely there must be a way to make use of this Classical resurgence?

  • *Zeus arises on a mighty charriot and fires lightning directly at a frozen burrito, the burrito explodes in a mist of bread, lettuce and other assorted ingredients*

    now thats a burrito.

    Ok fresh question, Free will? Do we have it, or is it an illusion?

    My girlfriend and I were discussing this the other night and we came to a conclusion, but I would like to see the ideas of this collective.

  • Free will.... Wow

    I have written about this elsewhere.

    I intend to come back and play soon ;-)

    I'm off out to visit my local volcano today (Mount Aso, Kyushu - for which will be the last time). I suppose I chose to do that...
  • dang, oh well

    but hey, imagine a machine that could look at all the physical, psychological etc etc variables of that which is you, and all the variables of the environment around you, and it could determine with 100% accuracy that based on all the myriad variables that make up you and the environment that you would visit Mount Aso at a given day and time, If this machine could predict youre every move based on the variables that make up you, is it really free will that you are visiting the volcano? this is assuming the possible things you could do on this day was finite.

    Im going to have to check out those links, not bad, not bad at all :)
  • It all depends what you'd call the opposite of free will...

    If you think it's determinism, then argue I shall. Determinism does not rule out free will, in fact I'd say that free will was impossible without it.

    Why? Long story...
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