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Culinary Nightmares

edited July 2006 in World
I came this photo journal at the BBC website:
Gastronomic journey

Food writer Stefan Gates is on a mission.
Armed with a strong stomach, and equal nerve, he has travelled to China, Afghanistan and South Korea in search of the ultimate edible challenge.

Will he relish his scorpion supper or cast aside his slippery sea slugs?
This has to be the most bizarre dish of the bunch:
imageBraised camel hump

When I saw this on the menu in a Beijing restaurant, I had to try it.
Never in my life did I imagine that I would eat a braised camel hump.

It had been sliced, slowly braised, then battered and deep-fried. I have peeled the batter off this one.

Its taste and texture is disarmingly similar to Spam.
What's the single weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

I think slowly stewed Horse Intestine tops my list. Here's a photo I took a year or so ago in a Japanese convenience store:
Mmmmm, bowelicious...


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    Have we forgotten our roots? Humans will eat of the reasons we're survivors...when I was a kid, squid was bait! now? Yum.
    Eating cockroach, or as I call them land prawns, is not an uncommon party amusement.
    I don't like reptile much...
    On the wonderful Oz radio show, 'Could have been champions'.. a pretend gay caller from Adelaide of course, is describing his fabulous bush tucker dinner party...What was the main course? he is asked, kangaroo?, emu?, what then?
    Oh, we had Koala, Tony!
    I find this particularly funny because...One night at 3AM after watching Oz thrash the Poms at rugby league, full of beer and thc, I was thunderstruck by the hideous noise of animals locked in mortal combat. Out on the road I was confronted with a bull koala and one of those boneheaded thug dogs going for it.
    I kicked them apart and staggered back only to see the dog run and the koala go after it. Now remember my fragile state of mind, I know better, really!
    So I grab the koala and it bites my right forearm down to the bone. I bear it no malice, my fault...I'm told later, it got the dog and gave it a thrashing.
    Now I believe myself to be one of the few people to have been mauled by a koala.
    I don't mind having a giggle at their expense.
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