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The Meat Pulverizer of Abstraction

edited July 2006 in General
The most merciful thing in the world... is the inability of the human mind to
correlate all its contents. - H.P. Lovecraft
And then came The Huge Entity Forum...

So I've been thinking. What do we have here (and i hope to outline the word 'we' in that sentence)?
  1. A slowly dying, never quite catalysed community of like minded idea dreamers.
  2. A festering forum of conceptual manure, seeped in abstract nutrients.
  3. A communal desire to set the universe to rights.
These are the facts, painful as some of them might seem. I am fascinated by the manner in which our paths have converged. Something draws us (the vague few who repeatedly traverse this space) to this domain. A desire perhaps to click that oft visited bookmark and stumble upon a new vista of imagination; an alternate perspective we had never considered previously.

imageI'm in the mood to correlate the contents of something, whether a mind, a collection of minds, or an entire universe. This place has the potential to detonate abstractions, smashing the resulting shards of nonsense into the shins of anyone who dare cross this forum's boundaries. [Could I manufacture any more ridiculous metaphors? I try my best...]

So here's the deal friends: communal sustinence. Smashing the luncheon meat of normality with the meat pulverizer of abstraction. Something needs to be done!

There is no way I will sit by and watch these minds drift away, drawn by more resolute internet conceptions. This space could be great, if only we made it that way.

I'll be off now. I've got me some hammer spikes to sharpen...


  • I have to run so there isn't time to compose as comprehensive a post as I'd like so...

    Everything has elements of strength and weakness. The forum isn't (yet) a completely self-powered machine but it's also not dead or dying.

    Modernity compels us to be extraordinarily (and, no doubt, excessively) busy, we have to parcel out our attention allocations with care. So, minds will come and go but always keep the forum in their thoughts, ready to return when it seems fitting.

    And also...

    Even on the Internet, where time seems compressed, longevity is important - the longer the forum exists, the more minds will come.
  • It's a good forum. It has a community personality and super smart people posting. I agree with idoru--give it time. Also the internets can be kinda slow in the (northern hemisphere's) summer.
  • Thanks for the thoughtful comments.

    I guess a saturday night of drinking left me contemplating ways to better realise this place. Here's to dreaming of new ways of trawling the interwebs...
  • My saturday night of drinking was undoubtedly the reason I clicked the wrong bit again, causing the extinction of my long and well considered post (well I can say that now it's gone).
    Basically it was a lot of smartarse crap which all boiled down to saying ..patience.
    Like cheese and wine, the process of maturation is everything (life too..god I can be trite).

    nearly did it again! my unconscious needs a kick in the arse
  • I still ponder a way to collectively use this place. We should come up with some project ideas and get them rolling in this space.

    Pool our resources...
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