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Safe Travels Mr. Danieru!

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The God of war is afoot, rampaging with even wilder abandon then usual.

So, my wish is for you to enjoy your journeys, take plenty of images to share with your Huge Entity mates whenever time (and connectivity) permits and stay alert.


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    Thanks a lot man... Much appreciated.


    My plans have completely changed. I'm now going straight back to the UK on the 6th of August (for various reason which I won't bore you with) and hopefully getting my shit together and flying off to Chile come October...

    Big change I know, but a much happier one on my part. I am thinking about working in Chile for a few months whilst I intermittently travel around South America. I have a friend out there now who swears I can get work; who has a rent free room in an apartment waiting for me. I can't lose.

    As for pictures. I just submitted this question to Ask.Metafilter. A new toy is on the horizon methinks. My Olympus C770 has been like a son to me these past two years, but Daddy was always destined to play with the big boys. I hope he's grown up enough now to not get too jealous.


    The God of War is definitely out on a rampage at the moment, but let's face it, when isn't he? We only take note when it strikes chords within us. Isreal smisreal... Where were the headlines when the likes of Uganda were splitting at the seams? They weren't always on the front page that's for sure.

    I guess I gave the fuck up on politics when the Iraq war was finally made official. After marching through the streets of London with WELL over a million objectors to George and Tony's decision I was made to feel like less than a nothing by not only the figure head of British democracy (fucking Tony) but by the media voices which were supposed to echo the sentiments of the people. A week day march at the very Southern edge of the country brought a probable 1.5 MILLION people from all walks of life to speak out for their beliefs and the next day one might have guessed it had all been a dream, such was the response to it.

    Right then and there my liberally focussed 'naive student perspective' was crushed sluglike onto the political slab we call a civilisation and I, merely one of many millions of voices who called the same cry of anti-war, was left as speechless as current inhabitants of Lebanon who face their deaths without any of their honourable human rights.

    Screw democracy, it means as little as all the other forms of rule humanity has invented during their reign over this planet. Moral relativism rules the lives of each and every one of us so deeply that we can't see the hypocrasy inherent in our way of life. The only true way to stand up to the likes of Bush, Blair and the fundamentalist government which now bombs Lebanon, is to stand up and speak out against its injustice. When even this last right of the democractically ruled becomes irrelevant so too does the decision to use it in the first place.

    As you may have figured out by now, I've been largely ignoring the news on the war. Perhaps living out here in Japan, where no one has a clue it is happening (Isreal means shit all to this country), has something to do with this. I couldn't say.
  • Ah, well, even though you won't be making the long arc of travel I thought, a safe trip home nonetheless...

    And regarding the failure of protest to stop War Plan Iraq (and other disasters)...

    I think we're receiving an education, whether we want to or not.

    We're learning that our democratic forms go only but so far. Yes, we have the right to protest but are unable to influence decisions made at the elite level. So the appearance of democratic structures is retained, but the reality diverges.

    The word simulacrum comes to mind.

    So yes, as I was saying, we are receiving an education - what are these vaunted democracies we live in but faded dreams?

    It's time for the next phase of human organizational development.

    What will that be, I wonder?
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    We have a democracy in Britain. Sovereign power is in theory possessed by the people of Britain as a whole. However, it is exercised by an elected officer. If Tony does what he wants, it's still a democracy. He could have called a referendum, but he didn't. He should have worked out that we wanted one, but then he should also have worked out what the result would be. And he shouldn't have gone to war, but he did.

    There are other ways of organising a democracy. In a small enough republic you could have everyone take part in every single decision. Someone told me that in Switzerland or somewhere like that Saturday is voting day, and everyone turns out to vote on whatever the issues are that week. They bother to vote every week because they care about the decisions being made because they are up to date with political goings on because they go and vote every week. I don't know if it's true, but it's a nice story.

    Democracy in Britain and America is the periodical, unbiased (on paper), election of someone who is in charge. That person can, in crude terms, do what they want, but if they don't keep people happy then they'll be voted out next time. The theory is that the people retain indirect control - by controlling the election to office - but that decisions can be made smoothly and coherently, as can only be acheived with a smaller group of agents.

    Unfortunately, if the indirect control of the people becomes ineffective - perhaps through the lack of realistic opposition, or as may now be relevant, through the diminishing possibility of re-election whatever the leader chooses to do - then they are of course powerless and "democracy" becomes (maybe just temporarily) a misnomer.

    In Britain, we still have non-elected positions of (limited) social power and privilege (peerages, e.g.), and recently it seems that there is room for the system to be abused in order to take advantage of dwindling public control.

    The next phase of human organisational development may well just be the next phase of democracy, because there are plenty of other forms it could take and refinements that could be made.
  • The next step of human organisational development and democracy, you say? Why, look no further.

    I'm about half way through and it's an absolute revelation. Everyone should read this, it's absolutely essential. High schools should center a course around its contents and application alone.
  • Give me the Athenian form of rule (possibly with the hemlock) any day
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    Would that be with or without slavery? =p
  • We still have pleny of slaves, look at how ipods are made!
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