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Not even a mouse

edited August 2006 in Consciousness
Is stirring, I love the quiet times... real life seems to become much more exciting then...wild nights sometimes call....from chaos comes complexity, and thus, order.
Has anyone wathd the new doctor who?....when sarah jane first sees the tardis!!!!!


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    I've been so terribly annoys me.

    Regarding Dr. Who...


    Haven't seen the second or third series of the new run yet but I'm wildly looking forward to a viewing.
  • Uni is currently consuming my time like the great chronovore that it is.
  • Dr. What?
  • Tme terrible truth is that the good doctor does me well....
  • war here and war in other places, should i raise my hand?
  • Dr. Who is a close friend of mine... we worked on a theory together concerning the nature of a Question-Mark Shaped Universe.
  • man, I wish I had more time than I do, right now like orphusi im stuck in the all consuming black hole that is university, time slows down for me as i see those around me change and dance in a dynamic blur.
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    As King Caunte (?) showed, we are subject to tides. Don't forget to enjoy the academic adrenalin, it's a safer buzz than bombs. Doing a stats exam after sixteen cans of beer can, in retrospect, be remembered as having been fun.

    Saw the new cyberman eipisode last night, ineffable.
  • Still quiet but for a pleasant word from Bunny Hole. Hermes taught, 'as above, so below, so above' ,the basis for most forms of divination. It makes me think of scale invariance...without a frame of reference it's hard to estimate size, the state of the universe right now is expressing itself on all scales.
    One of the interesting things I've noticed over time is the tidal way the universe expresses itself. Without the moon, life would be unlikely. And there are tides in our affairs, which, if taken at the flood lead on to success etc. Right now it is low tide and the dark of the moon, the human world festers and weeps, but it will pass.
    Maybe they need distraction, maybe munitions cause erectile disfunction...
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    the tides are always turning... time is their master.

    back soon...
  • "maybe munitions cause erectile disfunction..."

    That's funny, considering a large proportion of them are phallic shaped... I think its interesting, now that mankind is more [apparently] civilised, that instead of jumping every female they see, men are finding different ways to spread their seed as it were. Now they're sending out giant [phallic shaped] rocket-bees to explore the galaxy-fields to find other life forms-nectar. Could that be what they mean by nectar of the Gods? Are they pollenating as they go? I vaguely remember a scene from a film featuring a gigantic woman shape in the cosmos and she is impregnated by [can't remember by what exactly - help me out here Mr What?] something and her huge belly swells until she gives birth to the Universe in a blaze of glory - was fantastic imagery, albeit facilitated by some interesting substances .
  • Apparently, by measuring the rate at which the Y chromosome is falling apart, geneticists can tell us that men will soon disappear...unless we make everything disappear first. With the decline in male fertility, down 50% in the last few generations, I wonder what Mother Nature has in store? to spreading our seed...Panspermia...maybe so. Maybe
    Don't know the film though...well don't remember at least...what might be used to fertilize creation? Well, the Judeochristoislamic tradition seems to be obsessed with god's masculinity, so I suppose said impliment must have been god's cosmic willy. Now there's an image I didn't need, I can understand why you don't remember.
    And remember, pollination by bees keeps most of the plant Kingdom reproducing...the bees are like us all, we want, we need Nectar.
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