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A Free lunch or a lowering in my faith in humanity?

edited August 2006 in Nonsense

Check out the site and form an opinion.

This ones a perplexing one, steorn is a company which has been plonking large sums of money into advertising they have a perpetual motion machine to do with magnets. Who wants to call this one?

A.) Actual perpetual motion device which ruins society as we know it?
B.) Marketing ploy from somewhere which has the money to do so?
C.) Boobs who think theyre getting more energy than theyre putting in when in actuality someones forgot its plugged in somewhere ?
D.) Sinister plot to lower my opinion of humanity with the end result of me actually taking my own life ?



  • edited August 2006
    C....Is it still possible for your opinion on humanity to be lowered?
    Set their little gizmo up underneath the Monolith Anomaly....if it were to work it would be like opening a hole in a dam, energy would come pouring through from superspace in an unstoppable torrent. Our universe would disappear like a dog turd hit with a firehose.
  • more than 100% efficiency?
    definitely C
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