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Orwellian RFID Tags

edited August 2006 in General
What Orwell didn't predict was that corporations might prove more threatening than the government in eventually making the totalitarian Big Brother society depicted in 1984.
RFID tags - Radio Frequency Identification - , those pesky little plastic or paper devices that you find on your clothes and basically every product nowadays, are potential monitoring devices.
They're extremely useful, and not just for their obvious security purpose. They allow every product to be tracked en route from the factory to the store, ensuring that nothing is ever lost. When the products arrive at the warehouse, managers already know their exact inventory. They know when to order more, etc., and they know how much is being bought, and its all automatically kept track of on their computer system. They can't be stolen without setting off an alarm. But when the clerk 'deactivates' it at the counter, it only becomes deactive to the security scanning system. It is just passive. It requires no power source. Upon sending out a signal, the device picks it up and reveals its postion. Thus the positions of all products can be tracked - in and out of store, before and after being purchased.
Imagine a future where your clothes try to sell more of themselves to you. Or where corporations can monitor your habits and advertise unique products to you that you would be likely to buy.

For better explanation and more information, go to SpyChips


  • George Orwell, real name Eric Arthur Blair,(I think, I'm too lazy to check) actually called the book 1948 and it is more an alternate universe type take on what was happening then. The publisher didn't like it so Orwell simply reversed the last two digits.
    The more things change the more they stay the same...that this book remains relevent shows what a superb observer Orwell was.
    None of which lessens the import of K'mans observation.
    The last line of defence against the parasites that feast on the common wealth may be total non-compliance...I defer to Gandhi in this, he always cheers me up.
    There used to be a wonderful piece of graffiti I saw a thousand times driving cabs around Brisbane, it made me angry every time I saw it because I knew it was right even though it contradicted my atavistic lust for said "FIGHT FIRE WITH WATER'.
    Is it time to stand up, or is it better to watch and wait for the Beasts to tear each other apart? Might the latter course allow a Beast of apocalyptic heft to emerge?
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