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edited September 2006 in Consciousness
What do all these fragile moments have to do with the big ideas?
The ideas own us ...not v.v...we are the simulacra...but of what? What is our tempate?
There couldn't be a better spot


  • ideas (good ones) outlive us
    our puny lives are fragile moments in the span of the effects of a world-shaking idea
    our template is the past

    we're given a brief chance to wonder ...
  • Brains are quite small really and perhaps, not up to the challenge of the huge.

    And yet...

    What alternative is there...

    To trying?
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    The sweet melancholy of transience
    Could there be infinity without the finite?
    Who is the protagonist in the narrative that makes this peculiar thing I experience as a self. There's ouroboros right there, the infinite regression triggered by 'I' observing 'I'.
    As Lewis Carrol describes and Grace Slick sings, we may observe the multiverse from any perspective we can imagine, from the smallest to the largest, we can be as big or as small as we choose.
    The word 'Realisation' keeps creeping into my head. What is the difference between realising something and knowing something? Is it non- commutative? I can know without realising, but if I realise I certainly know.
    I know my body was forged in the heart of a star
    but when I realise that, it blows my mind.
    Is it simply adding an emotional component to an intellectual one? Is there a useful taxonomy of consciousness anywhere?
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    'Our template is the past'......Thats got me going.
    Good onya Dawkins, his little illustration, the Meme, has really come to life has it not?
    The past...I've been playing one particular little game for a while now. It consists of watching my 23 yo son and seeing in him reflections of my grandfather. Now they are separated by 90 years but the memes, the little behaviors, the odd assumption, the memes I inherited from my granddad, I see in him. It gives me a sense of how short a time a century is.
    And the last 50 years! Holy Shit...I remember my friends mum buying a 12 trasistor radio...God, I remember the arrival of the fookin audio cassette. Now before I become a Yorkshire Python (back in my day...) I have a point, which is that the more recent the past the more culturally dense it is...'now' is the most fertile moment. Which seems to be an awkward formulation of that information doubling law, can't remember the name of the damn thing now, you all know it.
    So our template is becoming exponentially embiggened and complexificated. If information is that which is known, what do you call that which is realised?

    Are our brains that small, well I know mine is, but google 'hameroff' and/or 'quantum consciousness'...if each neuron does contain a quantum computational substructure then our brains could turn out to be orders of magnitude more powerful than we now think. Of course we have no idea how to drive the buggers.
  • does any1 here have msn?
  • [email protected]
    Well, I've been meaning to, now I have. As may be evident from my posts, I have no idea what I'm doing...and I sorta like it that way. We're all children of chaos, all victims of systems beyond our control, to quote Frank Zappa...not really a victim, but it's such a good internal rhyme...
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