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    There is a ghost in the machine!
  • you can tell how quiet it is when...

    i recall a previous post by what? (incidentally the post was also called "what?") wherein mr. what? remarked on the loneliness of this forum...

    In this forum, which is as HUGE as the universe (and also happens to be 99.99% vacuous space),the chance of bumping into another atomic entity is relatively slim...

    So yes, it definitely seems that what? has been bumping into himself in these recent months, over and over...


    Anyway, here's my punctuation mark of the day

  • I didn't start this one...and I do like the quiet,a moment to forget the Yahoo host that mewls and copulates outside my door.
    I will now contemplate the koan 'What does bumping into one's self sound like?'
  • Sorry, i can't answer...that's Bart Simpson's area of expertise.

    But there definitely are some sexual connotations...

    Remember the great [paraphrased] words of RAWilson: "If all is one, then sex is masturbation; if all is one, then war is masochism."
  • Kayman inspired me... how about sexual punctuations?

    ( . ) ( . )

    \ /

    Childish I know. Looks like a face doesn't it - I'm not very good at this obviously. Couldn't do the bloody arms and legs!
  • That didn't turn out right dammit. Ah well, try to picture the ' as a belly button and the \ / as, well, whats underneath that. Ooh I've come over all coy.
  • Oh Gort, ...have you ever seen that painting by Magritte, of a woman's head with breast eyes, navel nose, and pudendal mouth? If I weren't so lazy I'd find a link (really incompetent).
    I shouldn't admit, but I had a wallet sized reproduction that I used to carry in my wallet.
    "Have you seen a picture of my wife", I used to say.
    Actually, I'm not prepared to admit that the offset gives the impression that she is leaning towards me...really, I see nothing
  • No can't say that I have... I'm sure I could find the link, its posting them here that I'm having problems with. I'm used to just copying and pasting them and all you have to do is hit enter and it makes the link live. Doesn't work here, and the formatting's a pain too. As for:
    Posted By: what?Actually, I'm not prepared to admit that the offset gives the impression that she is leaning towards me...really, I see nothing
    Hmmm, all I can say is it may have something to do with the clip betwixt your brows that you used to use to hold your glasses you still have that or did you finally cave and upgrade to sticky tape, heh heh.

    Well I'm in some distress at the moment, there is a house full of Kiwis next door singing old Donna Summer songs and other top hits of the 70's and 80's! Aaaargh. Could drive a person to drink, oh look at that, another bourbon just appeared in my glass, how fortuitous. Oh now its, 'Whoah-whoah, listen to the music', just that line over and over. Oh shit, now its '2 little boys', is there no mercy!
  • Well, got me...surely I've never mentioned THAT in this place...yet...hooo coood it be?

    "Just a slice of Devon"? The sun sets over my horizon....death by referential obscurity

    You remember that, but not the years I carried that delightfully obscene Magritte in my wallet?

    The internet becomes me, I am Gort and I will barada your nictoes

  • Just had this weird vision of a couple having sex and going 'oh gort' etc.

    Well i've gort to go now actually so i'll just nicto off.

    Oh and do you really not know who this is, interesting...
  • Coincidentally enough I did a presentation for University the other day where I used Magritte's painting "This is not a pipe" to demonstrate the lack of reality in representational images.
  • I was up three largies so it took a moment or two for the penny to drop, but up until the glasses reference, I had no idea!
    'Two Little Boys'...thats just cruel...I hear your family has grown, Bun hole...sounds busy.

    This statement is false!

    I relish paradox and have really loved going through all the Magritte stuff, lots I've never seen.
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