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Societal Straitjackets All Round

edited September 2006 in World
A sinister cocktail of junk food, marketing, over-competitive schooling and electronic entertainment is poisoning childhood, a powerful lobby of academics and children's experts says today.

In a [short] letter to The Daily Telegraph, 110 teachers, psychologists, children's authors and other experts call on the Government to act to prevent the death of childhood...

- Link to full article
- Link to the full letter
How do we loosen the 'straitjacket' of modern society?


  • Childhood was only invented recenty, wasn't it the Victorians?
    Ah, the ethics of the free market...
    Women and children last
    The devil take the hindmost
    If you can steal it, it's yours
    Never pay bills or taxes
    Keep nothing in your own name
    The underclass is a goldmine with no power to defend themselves

    Another piece of graitti I love...EAT THE RICH...
  • Ban children altogether

    Don't know why that wasn't done years ago
  • Send 'em back down the wait, they already have.
    And as for banning children, mother nature might be doing that now, what with the falling sperm count business.

    Hooray Dan, I was just stopped from flushing my comments, not that it would have been any loss, now see if I hit the right box's not the bottom 'back to discussions' that I can barely see...Was that a Python song--'Gee, it's great to be an idiot'?
  • oi!

    nice to see the site up and running
    as it were

    i read this little letter and found it quite... moving? amusing? discombobulating?

    i'd personally like to see adulthood banned, although these folk are looking out for their self-interest (children's authors?) just as much as they are for 'the children' or 'childhood' in general.

    It does appear that the notion of an 18-year long chlidhood (or 20, or 21) is changing rapidly, ever shortened by the early onset of adult burdens. Then again, children are easy to control, and require parameters before they are able to really take care of themselves. DUH. Is the West giving up on childhood? Has it failed us thoroughly? What are the ways that idleness and creativity misalligned with the objectives of globalization and, oh right, consumer-based democracy???

    ahh, yes. They are completely incompatible. I always hated Barney anyways.
  • Consider adulthood now banned, by order of the Gortian faction!
    For most of the time Homo not so sapiens has been around, life expectancy was so short that adulthood was pretty rare. Especially considering that I now consider that adulthood starts at 50, but then I am self obsessed.
  • Posted By: jennyologyoi!

    Then again, children are easy to control, and require parameters before they are able to really take care of themselves.

    I always hated Barney anyways.
    Firstly I'd have to ask if Jennyology has any children, because I'm quite surprised to hear someone say that children are easy to control. Good Gort, is it just me, but no, I've seen them everywhere, running and screaming and demanding their parents buy them that lolly, toy etc. I have one, luckily I stopped there. Now, don't know what I was thinking, I'm doing Teacher Aide work at a Primary School. They're monsters I tell you! And just think of how awful it is for me with a name like Dorothy!
    Posted By: what? ...I now consider that adulthood starts at 50...
    On contemplation I actually think that the process of reaching adulthood starts only after you become a parent, its just all practice before then. When you become a parent you have to become completely responsible, which is difficult when you never were terribly. It also makes you paranoid, which is difficult for those who were already so inclined, or Androids.
  • Exactly right... but, just to be a pain, I will now posit that adulthood begins at death.
  • I must have read this page in a distracted state, it's only now the actual name regisered.
    Oh and Dot, I don't believe you were unaware of the ambiguity in the selection of the name 'bunnyhole'.
    And you should confess, you have produced a daughter that can be best described as a younger and more imposing version of Xena, warrior princess.
    I should talk, my eldest has turned out like a cross between the Hulk and Ming the merciless.
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