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PSYCHE an interdisciplinary journal of research on consciousness

edited January 2007 in Consciousness
I've found this interesting webjournal and wanted to share with you people:

I've made a search in google with the words "quantum" "interactions" and "consciousness" and spotted this work, that's how I reached the Journal:
Quantum Consciousness is Cybernetic by Gordon Globus

PSYCHE, 2(12), August 1995

ABSTRACT: Classical mechanics cannot naturally accommodate consciousness, whereas quantum mechanics can, but the Heisenberg/Stapp (H/S) approach, in which consciousness randomly collapses the neural wave function, leaves the conscious function unrestricted by known physical principles. The Umezawa/Yasue (U/Y) approach, in which consciousness offers superposed possibilities to the match with sensory input, is based in the first physical principles of quantum field theory. Stapp thinks of the brain as a measuring device, like a Geiger counter, and overlooks that the brain upholds second-order quantum fields that are symmetry-conserving with respect to reality. Consciousness is cybernetic rather than having a random function.
Deep huh?

Hope you enjoy!


  • All this wonderful stuff going on around me in Oz....I get jealous sometimes.
    Great site though, I've actually bookmarked it... i guess trying to explain the inexplicable is a most noble pursuit.
  • In the world of the opposites there can be no such thing as an absolute...because if something were to be or become an absolute in the world of the opposites it would also have to be or become it's own absolute opposite...wrap your grey matter around that mother.
  • Hello...lsd makes time elastic (i speak from experience), so does time exist outside of an equation?...If time is elastic does it matter how fast a train is going?Just because some changes are cyclical does that mean time exists...
  • Taking magic mushrooms does not mean you are going to have a religious experience...sorry about that but you have to live with your horrible person!
  • Speed with lsd makes you more confident...not too wise to overdo it though if you don't want to end up on someones doorstep wrapped in a blanket bearing the stigmata claiming you have returned!...silly old sod what was he thinking?
  • When you take mushrooms you must say i love them and they love me!..and believe it.
  • Well Amigo' the the old dude said nothing is real , but everything is permitted,easy to say on the life trip of's in that other place when you groove with the meaning.The answer to lsd is so easy really...but i am not going to tell you...HA HA....happy trails dudes.
  • Was that Ser pointy finger or the mushroom talking?
    Albert Hoffman lives.
  • Hello What?...what does ser mean?, not psychedelic at the (moment? )(whatever that is)or maybe we never come down....flashbacks?...very short lived...the co op... favourite for that...something to do with the lighting maybe or the freaks that work there...too close for comfort...dude? The best way around this is to see it as a heightened sense of perception and accept it as such.........and mean dig? not be are higher than them! brave...had to change my name...lost my password...pointy something or other.
  • edited February 2007
    Why are their faces moving around? see them across the road...their translucent faces moving...all the things that trouble them moving and shifting...and you do not want to go there....and who could blame you!
  • edited February 2007
    A fourth wall?...If you mystify(it will do as a word) things might find you have built a wall ...why would you want to do such a thing?
  • My aim was too exact...dart or pellet...the target and me were one and me so young and foolish did feel pained by that...not knowing anything about zen or anything else for that how comes zen?
  • 'Ser' is a non-species/gender specific version of 'Mr', 'Mrs', 'Ms', 'Miss', used by some SF writers
    I surrender
  • Something very schizophrenic is going on here...

    Me sense 1 brain, multiple voices. REVOLT!
  • Hello Amigo's....Cheers What!...Dani....I see your problem!....I left the basement of 49 Collville terrace on a sunday morning once the acid kicked in and took a stroll down and past the house where Jagger and Fox played out their performance...reached the end and crossed over to stand and gaze at that life size figure of the christ crucified...and while doing so a voice said "why don't you shit on the altar"...i looked around somewhat startled! see Margie Perdue had followed me...pretending not to see me...she turned a right and walked slowly up the road and away to my left looking down...trying to lure me....not today though....and anyway...(i looked around to check out the eyeless windows on the houses opposite)i could have sworn it was a male voice.This memory is from 69...i trust the open minded will not be offended by it
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    Carlos Casteneda...Has anyone ever seen him or interviewed him... i mean that's all so fantastic and all that...(How's his portfolio doing?)....Is it real or is he just a load of old Lobsang Rampa's.
  • Is the lsd experience a separate consensus reality....Yes it is....ok dani...that schizophrenic old bean...try to keep an open mind now.
  • edited February 2007
    My apologies to any freaks who work in's not your (flashback?) altered state of consciousness can make things appear that way....and i was not saying that that anglo saxon Jesus was thinking to me,...he was looking upwards in an effort to appeal to his the way if he had been hung instead of crucified would christians all be walking around wearing nooses around their necks?....
  • edited February 2007
    I am certainly Not other voices. I did notice the similarities myself... ...
    It is peculiar, but it's a big world. Time travel may be involved, I hope not.
    Mr. geezer, might you assure Danieru that we are not the same brain. Old, unreconstructed Freaks all sound the same.

    Now, it doesn't worry me that Don Juan Matus may be a compilation of characters. Some people have gone to great trouble combing the work for inconsistencies, they even found a what? I find it hard to cop 'The Eagle's Gift' and the stuff after, though the last one is poignant...can't remember the title.
    I don't care, the old brujo is alive in my imagination...see you in Ixtlan.

    After reading Alexandra David Neal, poor old Lobsang was too too obvious still I'm sure he enjoyed his dream...a pommie taxi driver or something wasn't he?

    Using the word 'pommie' just reminded bastards won the one day series...bloody well played too, buggers have grown some gonads. Now if St. Helens beat the Broncos I'll be really pissed off.
  • Perhaps the brain is the universe, the voices are its children. I welcome Geezers, both old and young, to talk to each other, themselves and the universe for as long as they find time allows.

  • edited February 2007
    Hoo Ha,...God! Where are you going ? you looneys... you can out clever yourselves you know!No i am not name is (deleted)..I saturated my self with acid in the late sixties fresh out of juvie and smoked the best dope in the world i was more or less spaced all the time...get up for work monday and the buildings are still leaning over...if you take acid every now and again within a few days it's as if a strange and vague dream...but a whole year is a big chunk of memory....and there they are and i have had a long time to go over this stuff and grock of the big things is (with out a doubt)that acid is a separate consensus has it's own order... any mystical experience involves a change of chemistry...starve your self or take a little tab etc.
  • The Buddha said ''all is mind,we become what we think" you had better shine a little light in those dark corners dirty little sods!
  • edited February 2007
    The difference between schizophrenia and lsd is that there ain't a lot of laughs in it...except those that rattle down the corridors of insane asylums.
  • To have power you must first be broken...if not...power will break you!....
  • We might be of the same denomination geezer...weird. As for outcleveringness, I hope not...more like compulsive obscurantism for the propagation of ironic and/or parodic eigenstates. Bovine copraphilia! The stupid spellcheck doesn't like me.

    Power can break you over and over again, I keep surrendering but it won't listen.
    Big chunks of memory...yup. If my life flashes before my eyes at death, I'll catch up then.
  • that was clever was'nt it...oh yes your'e the kid looking all excited as he denies god while looking over his shoulder to see if his mum is looking....everything i have said relates to lsd which you and your angst riddled homosexual friend no fuck all are both so far up your own arseholes i'm surprised you have room to blow your own trumpets...i will put my adventures in print i think....then you can buy it....don't bother answering back i'm off to find a sight for grown looks as if you know nothing mother fuckers have monopolised this one...have a nice day now.
  • edited February 2007
    I will have a nice day, I'll spend it nurturing my sense of humour.
  • Thanks Geezer. Your abuse soothed me. Your absence will please me.
  • crazy people =]
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