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I have a few things to deny: A Small Chunk of Blasphemy

edited February 2007 in Theology
In response to The Blasphemy Challenge I finally got around to making this video...

Are you up to taking the challenge?

P.S. How do you like my Yorkshire charms on video? I'm about as photogenic as a tumour


  • By the Ibis head of Thoth, I think I like this "blasphemy challenge".

    Re: your "Yorkshire charms..."

    Ah, you're too hard on yourself mate, as are we all.
  • when my nephew brings over his camera I'm in.
    Tonight I'm pissed... pardon me...Tonight I"m wondering whether or not Chaos might not be ungrasped complexity.
  • edited February 2007
    I saw a man from Lancastershire, bugger the spelling, he said you yorkies were full of it?
    Pardon me, geezer freaked me...anyway fly free

    God has a lot to answer for.
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