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The 21st Century: In Future Perspective?

edited February 2007 in Simulacra
An overly optimistic, utopian vision of the next 100 years (in video form).

Watch it here and spot the short-sighted mistakes...

Locutus of BORG!The idea that all humans will be vanquished from pain by technology is not a new one: utopian visions never live up to their breadth of scope.

The way things are going either Western economies collapse, bringing down the global system or war will ravage the planet, probably caused by a fight for resources. In out attempts to project our current situation into the future we are forgetting that the majority of humans on this planet still live in poverty, at the whim of disease and corrupt governments.

The abolition of slavery in the West did not see it abolished everywhere else. In fact, some say slavery is more rampant than ever before. Some things only change in our perceptions: reality is a different thing altogether.

We Westerners need to take our tech-heads from up our utopian asses before we end up blocking out another generation of the 'developing world' in our shadow.

Perhaps Transhumanism, and the nonsense which revolves around it, is the world's most dangerous idea...

(Originally found at Posthuman Blues)


  • Per capita, there are more slaves today than ever...don't ask me for my sources, you go look...I don't know what to do, but i I'm thinking about out.
    I once bookmarked 'posthuman blues' quarrel...what is the gist? i'
    m already posthuman, from what I can tell.
    We need to think about what really what does?
    I don't want to go down the bitter path, I don't want to be a useless, cranky old shit ... I don't want to hate . Whenever I hate, I know I'm doing it wrong.
    Pity is not much better... avoiding arrogance is a full time job...but what else can you do when the bullshit is so bloody obvious?
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    You're right: even if humans were to progress as much as this video hopes, it would be only a selection of humans. If someone could've made a video like this a hundred years ago, it would've been no different: electricity, homes, abundance of food, man on the moon, long-distance communication, computers,...but not for all, as we all know.

    Utopianism--hope, idealism, optimism--is the default framework for human belief: the belief in progress. It is hope which offers us purpose, and it is hope which we have always had, for hope is the fundamental key to survival--and as far as we can tell, since we're still around, from that viewpoint, we haven't done too poorly. So as long as humans continue to have hope--well, perhaps that is a utopian vision in itself. Doesn't matter what technology comes along: as long as humans keep thinking things will get better, they'll keep trying to survive. Whatever comes along is merely an expression of that greatest human purpose--the purpose of creating more purpose--that limitless vision which therefore being limitless never comes to a final ideal state of collective well-being (the utopia).

    It seems that all life only has two possible outcomes: extinction or immortality. Since we can never claim to have reached the latter ("we are all 'immortal' until we die"), then the former seems more likely. In that sense, as I often think, perhaps the two terms are simply interchangeable. Materialistically, you never die. Thus death is perhaps only a temporary, cheap escape from the universe. Inevitably your molecules get reused.
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