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Nine aspects of reality

edited March 2007 in General
Consider the 3 triplets;


Each triplet has the form of the quantity triplet {0,1,infinity}, when
0 and infinity are replaced by finite entities. The transcendental
quantities {0,infinity} are not achievable in reality. Nature relates
the smallest to the largest through renormalization and quantization.
In each triplet, the first entry determines time. This classification
is also supported by the locality of time and it also predicts the
quantization of time and space. Note that 'organism' sits in the middle,
and life is sandwiched between two layers of material reality. It
seems, life is an integral part of reality. A 'zero' is also predicted
to contain the lot.


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    Are you talking about
    0, 1, "2"

    0 = non ("negative" infinite)
    1 = non-non ("positive" infinite)
    2 = both non and non-non (infinite: infinite reduction, and infinite whole)

    This may be entirely different from what you are saying.
    But to make a contribution. I might suggest that there are fundamental 3 aspects of anything/everything, not 9. Unless you were just elaborating from the 1st 3.

    "Time, space, matter." I would see this respectively as: Relation, formation, information
  • Thank you for your comment.

    By {0,1,infinity} I simply mean the quantities they represent. When I use them as representations of categories, '0' represents a quantity like the 'epsilon' of mathematics; a very small quantity but never 0, a fuzzy zero. '1' represents a fuzzy quantity whose probability is 1, like a quantum mechanical entity. 'infinity' is similarly fuzzy and gets adjusted or 'renormalized' to 0 to make 1; like 0*infinity=1, loosely stating.

    Therefore what you are talking about is not entirely different to mine. Essentially I am talking about the fundamental categories. You are right that there are only 3 fundamental categories. But the reality is made of 3*3=9 categories, as my list demonstrates. The reality is made of 3 sizes; {very small, normal, very large}, but two times. Therefore life has two boundaries; {quantum, astronomic}. But this boundary gets repeated once more; {cellular, species} for an organism. Therefore an organism is sandwiched twice; first at physical level, then at life level.

    I have to think about your categories {relation, information, formation}. They seem alright. As if 'information' mediates 'relation' and 'formation'. But at the moment I can not see how 'relation' maps to very small. Maybe it does because it is about 'touching'.
  • I agree that there can be a maximum of three fundamental categories, as you say, since any categorical system that can’t be broken down into ones or twos can be broken down into threes. But I believe that from the operational standpoint of the human brain, a dualistic system is much more valuable. To the human being [the organism], brought up in the symmetry of nature, distinguishing things in sets of twos--opposites--is much more valuable for survival: night/day, male/female, true/false, exist/non-exist. You don’t really find any truly balanced person--and whatever balance exists because of the existence of the opposites. Talk to an average person, and you’ll see that they think in terms of opposites: Americans are good, Al-Qaeda is bad. The trivalent system is generally difficult to comprehend for human beings, which is why it became the number for the gods. The unexplainable, the three-system--the Holy Trinity, for example.

    Our entire logic system is based on the existence of opposites: A cannot equal not-A. While Aristotelian logic runs into problems with quantum physics, it is still the practical frame of mind for the average human being. In the wild, a human who doubts Aristotle’s logic is less likely to survive. In society, it is no different. While many of us recognize the uncertainty of everything, and recognize the existence of quantum physics, we cannot escape falling to one side of opinion or the other.

    Another instance of this is that attempts to design a ternary computer system have largely failed. If you study ternary logic, you notice that it is simply explained in terms of binary logic, suggesting that the trivalent system, in our minds, more often than not breaks down into a bivalent system.
  • Thank you for clarifying this point. I had this in mind but was waiting for a suitable occasion to bring it up.

    Of course, duality is more common than trinity. In fact nature follows natural numbers in its distribution of categories of symmetry. 0 is the most important number. Then comes 1, and then 2 and 3, and so on. I think the first four {0,1,2,3} are the most important ones. The importance of 0 is clear; Things are made of very small things. Then comes 1; Everything is in fact a singularity. Then comes 2; {male,female}, {black,white}, {+,-}. Then comes 3; {yellow,red,blue}, 3 dimensions of space. Nature likes all numbers, but it likes the smaller ones more. It also likes 5 quite a bit; 5 senses, 5 forces of physics, 5 fingers. It also likes 7 quite a bit; 7 layers of the periodic table, 7 levels of subroutines in optimum programming, 7 notes of the major diatonic scale of music. These ones come immediately to my mind. There are many other numbers with significance. Most small natural numbers can be observed easily in the human body.

    After singularity, duality is the most common. It usually comes in the mediated duality form; {black,gray,white}, {male,hermaphrodite,female}, {+,0,-}, {left,middle,right}, {blue,green,yellow}, {hot,mild,cold}, and the all important one {0,1,Infinity} which is in fact a mediated duality, as well as a trinity. It is not a true trinity like the 3 dimensions of space. 1 mediates 0 and infinity. {0,infinity} are both transcendental numbers; one defines infinitely small, the other defines infinitely large. Maybe Christianity's trinity actually refers to this. The ancients used to have religion and science merged. {holy-ghost,son,father}={0,1,infinity}. 0 suits 'holy-ghost' and infinity suits 'father' or God quite a bit.

    The nine aspects I listed before, is made of three mediated dualities. The mediated duality {cell,organism,species} mediates the other two mediated dualities, {time,matter,space} and {star,galaxy,universe}. The 'organism' mediates the whole thing. It seems, a complete understanding of the reality can not be achieved without the 'organism' or 'being'. Rather surprising, considering the fixation of the modern science on strict materialism. Maybe some of the ancients were right. It is a pity the contemporary religions are so moronic. Maybe unavoidable.
  • ah, I've scrolled up and I see how life does mediate the whole thing. Very interesting. I guess it comes down to that it all needs some way to perceive itself (as you said, a complete understanding of reality is impossible without life). As Niels Bohr said, "A physicist is an atom's way of perceiving itself", which might as well say, "life is the universe's way of perceiving itself"--and in that sense, life is the universe's way of existing. I'm getting solipsistic now, but overall I think your framework does well to define life's place in the universe (as little life as there is).
  • Thank you. I recently came up with it, as a result of thinking about simple symmetries for a few years. It also rings a bell with the 10 based Indian number system, which is very ancient. I wonder what happened in the ancient past. How can they have so much knowledge?

    Yes solipsism is interesting. In fact I read recently somewhere about it, and was impressed. That there is no way of proving that anything other than oneself exists, since everything else is confirmed by the self.
  • Non-self is not provable. Furthermore the nature of self is not provable.

    Are characters in dreams wholly "selves", or just part of a self? As these characters communicate and act independently of each other, do they posses selfhood? What kind of selfhood do we/I posses, another order of characters, of reductions? We cannot prove that ones awareness of self is self in entirety.
  • I am not too sure now that you brought it up. Self seems to be confirmed by itself. Is this enough?

    But there seems to be a good anchoring point in the absoluteness of mathematics. Things can be proven in mathematics. Hello Plato. Surely the word existence is not enough to deal with mathematics. It is something else. If we call it non-existence, could it define existence?
  • when I confirm my self, I am only confirming that I confirm something that is called a self. And when I am confirming that I confirm something that is called a self, I am only confirming that I am confirming that I confirm something that is called a self, and so onto infinity, so it really impossible to define. We have to experience being something, and so having a sense of sef is just part of that--keeps us grounded in a firmer reality. Imagine you saw yourself as an object, no different from anyone else?
  • Yes, time is essential for existence...and space of course. I should read that 'Being and Time' by Heidegger one day. Is 'nothingness' of Sartre something like time? I wonder if light has some kind of awareness. It's two components, electrical and magnetic, point to each other in the Maxwell's equations. That self reference, like our split brains. Objects are made of light and they have at least one difference from all else; location. Light does not like being crowded all together. Exclusion principle?

    Maybe in the end all boil down to the uncertainty principle, which essentially is quantum mechanics. Even it's name says it all; mechanics of separate entities. Should study more QM. Damn it is so difficult. So much to do so little time. Just contemplating is not enough, I find. One's gotta do the hard work. Damn.
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