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Ten aspects of reality

edited May 2007 in General
The seven senses are;


Measure and balance are not normally regarded in the senses. Balance is achieved in the inner ear's hardware in the form of three liquid filled hairy rings for each ear. Balance seems to qualify to be a sense. Measure is more difficult to judge as a sense. If sciences are also listed in the same manner, measure becomes clearer when it is mapped to mathematics;


Psychology is usually regarded to be a pseudo science. Intelligence is gaining more acceptance amongst cognitive sciences as computing advances. I think psychology will also acquire a respectable place amongst cognitive sciences in due time. Aesthetics includes things like philosophy, art, music, poetry, and not regarded as science. It studies beauty and sometimes uses mathematics as a tool.

This particular ordering of sciences has two aspects that relates to senses. All sciences are based on mathematics and they form a complexity ladder. Biology seems to mediate all sciences in dualities. Psychology couples to -or based on- chemistry, in that it operates in a field of chemicals like hormones. Intelligence couples to physics, in that it uses electricity -or light- in the neuronal circuitry provided by brain. As suggested before, aesthetics somewhat couples to mathematics.

Aesthetics is used by most animals, if not by all animals and maybe all life. Aren't the flowers' smell and looks selected by insects? Similarly most plants are selected and shaped by animals. Animals also select and shape themselves. Isn't the sexual selection largely responsible for humanity's success? I think the universe shapes itself through a common sense of aesthetics. Don't many animals have a similar sense of music? My cat likes Bach. I was amazed with a camel's love of music when I saw the film Weeping Camel.

Similarly touch mediates all senses in three mediated dualities, as it is essential for sensing;


Smell evolves (or diverges) from taste as breathing separates from eating. {see,hear} coupling is not that obvious, but the symmetry involved is the same. It is like the {audio,video} duality in signal processing. The mathematics involved in video is a more complex version of audio. In both cases, dual sensing gives depth of field. {measure,balance} coupling is the hairiest. I think the core of a brain evolves around these two and their mediating touch sense. Measure is the root of all evolution. In quantum mechanics it corresponds to quantization of a field.

It seems the touch sense involved in each case is different, as there are many different types of touch. Touch is a generic sense. It senses temperature, pressure, hardness and so on. Thus we end up with nine senses, to match the nine aspects of reality;


As life {cell,organism,species} mediates the universe, eating {taste,touch,smell} mediates life. We also get a clue to the nature of the three kinds of touches mediating senses. Consuming or fusing kind of touch mediates the other two; one soft, the other hard. The quantity triplet {0,1,infinity} determines all four mediated dualities. Three dualities themselves form a mediated duality through their mediators.

With the predicted 'zero' to include the lot, we have the ten aspects of reality. The tenth aspect is the aspectlessness, or rather nothingness. If the Higgs field corresponds to 'zero', what is the corresponding sense?
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