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Nucleon, brain, and black hole

edited June 2007 in General
This is a another look at the Ten Aspects of Reality (TAR), which are;


With the all inclusive bracket {} nothingness, they are ten.

Recently it occurred to me that the new cosmological models predict ten dimensions. Anyway, this is not the main point here, I just wanted to mention it.

Hawking's entropy formula for a black hole is proportional to the area of the event horizon. This means that nothing gets lost in a black hole and there is a maximum entropy density, which happens to be on a surface. I suppose the area of a black hole is calculated according to the flat space-time much further away from the horizon, since space-time does not exist at the surface itself.

Encouraged by the TAR, I wanted to compare the brain to the black hole. Neurons are distributed on the surface of the brain and all the inner bits are wiring. Whatever happens in the brain, actually happens on the surface. Like a black hole. The difference is that black holes are connected to it's body from the outside, and brains from the inside. Black hole is like the brain of a galaxy. It's body consists of stars, nebula, gas, dust and other stuff. Latest research suggest that the earliest galaxies also had black holes. Brains also form very early in organisms.

Galaxies seem to form a huge collective meta brain, like humans and other organisms form a huge meta brain. Now we are building the internet to take this meta brain to a new level. I think the internet is the first step of humanity in the merging of our minds to the hardware of the universe. This has been suggested before. I think there are types of black holes, as there are types of galaxies. There are two main types; elliptical and spiral. Like organisms; male and female. Galactic society seems to be a reflection of the organic society, but maybe inside out.

Nucleons are made of 3 quarks and 3 gluons. There are two types; proton and neutron. Proton is stable by itself; neutron decays to proton, electron, and neutrino. Proton seems to have infinite life-time. Maybe it has the life-time of the universe. There are also 3 primary and 3 secondary senses of an organism; {{measure,see,taste},{balance,hear,smell}}. Touch is a generic sense and mediates all senses. All senses are types of touch. Brain is made around the senses. Proton seems to be the smallest possible black hole. Well, maybe not a black hole but something closely related. It's constituents are confined. As if it reflects the outer world; space-time. It is also connected to it's body (electrons, photons, and other stuff} from the outside.

It seems the organic brain mediates two types of 'material' brains; {nucleon,brain,black hole}. It exists by sandwiching itself between two reverse brains. And it's form obeys the quantity triplet; {0,1,infinity}. The question is; what is the nothingness that includes the lot?


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