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What does God smell like?

edited March 2006 in Nonsense
Sun dried tomatos


  • edited March 2006
    Burning hair.

    Oops, no, I'm sorry--that's a stroke. If you smell burning hair, you might be having a stroke. Unless you're testing your ivory to see if it's real. If you heat a pin and press it to real ivory, it'll smell like burning hair.

    Also, (and I mention it in a 'last but not least' sort of way, though you should really check for this first for all the obvious reasons) you may be a little bit on fire.
  • Badger Semen
  • I imagine swiss cheese, because like swiss cheese, he's holy.

    You guys don't have a punishment for bad jokes, do you?
  • I would expect it's very similar to that smell you get when you walk into Lazer Quest.
  • . . . or the smell you get when you walk into a bug zapper (see "burning hair" above).
  • Maby the Smell you get when you bumb your head really hard.. I alway get a speciel smell when that happen (not that it happen very often though) Maby thrugh head bumbing we can get closer to god..
  • Whatever the scent of the Pope is, he must be a stronger dose, I mean the pope is God's go to guy, Right?
  • ozone...popes smell like mothballs
  • Pope fingers smell like God
  • its a curious question.

    i would guess he smells like old people do, he must be some age himself (about 20 billion years i believe) so i think it would be slightly stronger than a normal old person.
  • edited April 2006
    Yeah, imagine 20 billion years worth of wee collecting on his incorporeal being:
    All your Western theologies, the whole mythology of them, are based on the concept of God as a senile delinquent.
    ~ Tennessee Williams
  • So it's agreed:

    What does God smell like?

  • Think this book might have the answer?

  • If that's real, it's the creepiest thing I've ever seen!
  • Oh it's real.

    Click it for Amazon link. If only I had Grandkids...
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