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  • Hello, my name is Dwayne M and I'm currently living in the US, land of infinitely looping untruths.

    My work: information technology consultant, a career which has provided an ongoing illustration of the Buddhist principle of impermanece.

    My interests: it's not an exaggeration to say 'everything' though of course, with wildly varying levels of enthusiasm.

    but enough about me...
  • Hello,
    this is Antoine 'Oldcola' V., Bordeaux, France. Nice place to live, bad place to work. At least as biologist if you don't want to be 'academic'. Decided to move away.

    I like everything 'alive' and particularly what can be prepared for drinks or food or used to prepare drinks of foods, say bacteria and yeast.
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    Hiya, I am ChrisW of and PEI, Canada (the land of illegally possessed carbonated / alcoholic beverages in aluminum cans and some random red-heads).

    I work in IT as a Wireless iNet Technician / programmer and I run a small business for web-stuffs. Most of my free time is spent drinking whiskey (seagram's 83) and writing.
  • Mental note: don't go to PEI to get drunk
  • Hi there. I'm also a Chris W (B). I joined your forums after reading your post on Lussumo's forums. I really like what you've done with these forums visually.

    I'm a classical music student, currently studying in Chicago.
  • Well, I have finally dismantled myself... now I'm not sure if I want it reassembled. I love 'It came from beneath the sea', I wish to defect to the Octopodes.
  • Hello folks!
    My name is Felipe Venâncio and I'm from Brasília, Brazil.
    I'm 24 years old and I'm graduating in Business.
    I currently work with publishing, design, printed stuff etc.
    I like the huge entity blog so I joined the forum.

    See ya around!
  • hello my name is ellen and i have too much time on my hands. as does dan, obviously, so i thought i should at least give this nod that i commend the way he uses it. i on the other hand spend my time chatting on msn and going to the pub. sometimes i talk about evolution too. i like long words and creationists.
  • I am John.

  • Ellen! You exist in internet form now. Use your new found identity wisely...
  • Hello, my name is Karl. I'm from Minnesota, where we eat hotdish. Yum.

    I'm interested in all sorts of stuff.

    I recently graduated from college with a degree in anthropology, which qualifies me for a career bartending or waiting tables.

    I currently work assisting in the tuning and maintenance of pipe organs. It pays better than bartending, except on weekends.
  • Helllllo. My name is Dan, I set up this thing. Could cyberspace be about to come face to face with its forum nemesis?

    When is the first flame war going to kick off?

  • It's your forum, so you call the shots. But fair warning: Minnesotans are deathly proud of their hotdish.
  • Well then, please tell us what the hell a hotdish is! I can think of a few 'That babe is a really hotdish..' if this is so then does the use of the singular imply that there is only one attractive female homonid in Minnesota? Then again, it could be part of the SETI project...I'm studying misanthropology
  • It's all things to all people, but mostly it looks like this:

    Elsewhere known as a "covered dish" or a "casserole." The key ingedient is cream of mushroom soup.
  • I'm Em, I teach a bunch of extremely unhinged teenagers and I miss my Mr Daniel Spaniel. Love you lots Danny!
  • Mr Daniel Spaniel...

    It's like past life regression therapy

    How's tha' doing Miss. Fowler? Give those kids a slap from me
  • To my new hive-mind cluster; At least in my perception of the truth:

    I am Altaire, or Alexander Jensen – The escapist.
    I reside in the scandinavian Kingdom of Denmark, while “enlightening” my brain with the useless garbage that is commonly taught in my so-called high-tech society, purely to gain merit in other non-academic context environments. I do study a bit of martial arts, complex philosophy, theosophy, religion and culture lore, chaos-math, physics and archaic literature.
    I do a lot of writing, a lot of reading, a lot of blasting my psyche away with art and deafening metal and industrial noise concerts. Just currently I am experimenting a bit with brainwave-manipulation software along with meditative reflection techniques, mainly to be able to dive deeper into even more lucid-dreaming.
    I get stimuli from finer French food, ale and mead, video-games, and tabletop games like FUDGE. I do a bit of fractal geometrics and read comics too*… Oh, yea, and I do have sexual intercourses occasionally.

    Oh and, uh, I’m digging the technocracy stuff a wee bit…

  • My name is David. I am currently consuming the public purse for little, in fact, no return. I have come here as I would rather be paid to read this forum than produce any work of note. Greetings Dan, it has been too long. I am skyped up to the max, with a web cam as well, so we can get fruity if you call me.

    Not sure what my user name is mind you... Hope you are well - moved to London, tis a fat town with muchos amusement and fun. Down with Leeds, I hope it floods, or something. I like the sound of you bike, do you have some pictures - you could still trek across Russia on that?
  • i know you miss your daniel spaniel persona really. my students are ace. on friday one of my form set fire to his desk, another to a skip, one assaulted a teacher and another got drunk at morning break. it's a good job i love 'em! and a behavioural facility have tried to bribe and poach me from my schol. it's all fun and games!
  • and i can't spell school...
  • I'm Shannon, and I'm from New Orleans. I recently moved to Berkeley, CA to work as a videographer for an evaluation firm. A few years ago, I made a horror movie that's out on DVD now, although I still haven't seen a dime from it.

    I found this place via the MetaFilter Projects page.
  • edited March 2006
    Another big hello going out!

    Hope you all feel welcome...
  • Here via Metafilter Projects as well.
  • Oh yeah, hey everyone. I'm Alex, I'm from Australia, and I'm interested in everything except what they teach me at Uni, even if the subject (Film & TV) is something I’m vaguely interested in. I read a lot, listen to a lot of music, and I have aspirations to be a writer. That about covers it!
  • I'm Cyclopsis Raptor, aka: CR. I have a real name, but since I sign most everything I do with my username, I just use it as my real name basically. I've had this name several years, so there's really no need asking what it's just my name now. No, unlike popular opinion, it's not a sexual innuendo, it's just a name.

    Oh, and I like using pronouns!
  • Hello everybody. I'm here because someone keeps sending me E-mails to check it out. I was initially disappointed with the lack of nudity, but now see participation as a means of learning how to spell and puctuate good.

    What's a pronoun?
  • Yes, "what" can be a pronoun. Very good.
  • edited April 2006
    Yes, ''he'' can be, although I suspect there's a lot more to him than that.
  • Hi to all the assorted oddities and entities introduced here. My name is Jim, I'm an old friend of Dan's from his past life.
    I'm working in a young person's project right now but graduated in philosophy a few years back and still therefore obsessed with what I want, what i know, what is good, what is real and so on (and being continually dissatisfied with any answers).
    So despite my better judgement I have wired myself up to this matrix. Can any of you intelligent and strange entities shed any light?
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