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Neural Networks, Thinking Machines & Animatronic Love

edited April 2006 in Simulacra
How long does it take you to add 3,456,732 and 2,245,678? Ten seconds? Not bad--for a human. The average new PC can perform the calculation in 0.000000018 second. How about your memory? Can you remember a shopping list of 10 items? Maybe 20? Compare that with 125 million items for the PC.

imageOn the other hand, computers are stumped by faces, which people recognize instantly. Machines lack the creativity for novel ideas and have no feelings and no fond memories of their youth. But recent technological advances are narrowing the gap between human brains and circuitry. At Stanford University, bioengineers are replicating the complicated parallel processing of neural networks on microchips. Another development--a robot named Darwin VII--has a camera and a set of metal jaws so that it can interact with its environment and learn, the way juvenile animals do. Researchers at the Neurosciences Institute in La Jolla, Calif., modeled Darwin's brain on rat and ape brains.

The developments raise a natural question: If computer processing eventually apes nature's neural networks, will cold silicon ever be truly able to think? And how will we judge whether it does? More than 50 years ago British mathematician and philosopher Alan Turing invented an ingenious strategy to address this question, and the pursuit of this strategy has taught science a great deal about designing artificial intelligence, a field now known as AI. At the same time, it has shed some light on human cognition...

- link to full article
- link to some info on robot, Darwin VII
So, where do you stand on this?
Animatronic Sex Robots are already amongst us:



  • Wow this www thing is freaky, one buried memory + click =more than I could ever need. I finally watched 'I Robot', the final scene triggered an emotional response that left me on the floor....what fun!
  • Neural Networks trutly are the window to artificial intelligence future however, these days Neural Network needs processing power, technology needs to open more with these technology.
  • edited November 2007
    There are some humans who can do amazing calculations, but these individuals are otherwise disabled in normal human functions. Many types of human genius come with costs that disable them from functioning normally in the mainstream society. Generally these individuals are outsiders. Human mainstream can be very disgusting in many ways. They can be captured easily by social hysteria sometimes. Hitler, football, mainstream politics, fashion, consumption. The list is endless. So some of these outsiders are not necessarily disabled. They are just off the charts.

    For example Grigory Perelman, who made an enormous contribution in mathematics recently, is an outsider. He refused offers of rewards and was living with his mother. Garrett Lisi, who may have identified the symmetry of the universe (E8) recently, is also an outsider and spends his time surfing and snow boarding. He has been unemployed.

    Computers can be seen as extreme cases as well. They depend on us to be created and maintained. They are not autonomous like us. They can not reproduce and maintain themselves. Not at the moment anyway. Their extreme talents are related to their extreme specialization and their hardware. Evolution, as we know it, is carbon based and therefore limited in speed and capability.

    Organic brains are carbon based neural nets, but this does not mean they can not be extended by other hardware. Computers already act as extensions to us. There is every reason to expect some kind of merging will happen in the not so distant future. We may find that carbon based tissues are superior in certain functions to silicon and other hardware.

    Internet is also evolving towards a meta brain. Human society is already a carbon based meta brain. It seems there will be some kind of merging between the two meta brains. It is already happening. Many people already spend a large portion of their times in front of the computers, playing games, developing projects.

    I think this convergence between the carbon based and other neural networks is unavoidable, and would have happened countless times before in the universe. It is just another step in evolution, towards communicating and forming networks with other life forms in the universe. The universe itself may be a super internet, and it may even have some kind of weird consciousness.

    The amazing sexual attraction of humans towards robots may be another indication of this unity, besides games and work. I can hardly wait for a super hybrid female to happen. Just imagine the sex! I will even settle with a reasonably functioning silicon one. Just imagine the possibilities! They are too expensive and silly at the moment for me. I will wait until they get cheaper and better. A bit like I am waiting for a better digital TV at the moment, before upgrading my CRT.
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