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Music Absorbtion

edited April 2006 in Art/Culture
I'm dry for musical influence out here.

I'm into my avantgarde, jazz-funk and indian influenced world music at the moment... You guys got any recommendations?


  • Sure...

    Check out...

    Shalabi Effect - Pink Abyss (middle-eastern vibes in western-crafted music, varied and psychadelic and epic)

    Dimi Mint Abba & Khalifa Ould Eide - Moorish Music From Mauritania (absolutely beautiful, amazing world music... will blow you away)

    for some avant-garde/experimental stuff check out Growing's new album, "Color Wheel", an amazing slice of shimmering drone and otherworldly sounds... these guys are taking modern music to new heights.

    also, you heard of Animal Collective?
  • Not in the list of things your listening to at the moment but...

    Sufjan Stevens - american folk singer - pure class. Shame my I pod broke this morning, I can no longer listen to it... The click wheel just stopped working, now its an expensive paper weight.

    Animal Collective are good, would recommend them as well - take a few listens but you'll get into it.

    Been listening to Aphex's Richard D James album recently as well, also amazing.

    Dan - how much are the I POds out there, might need to source a new one.
  • Doesn't Aphex Twin have some new stuff coming out soon?

    Richard D James is definitely his best. Animal Collective will be sampled shortly...

    Any more recommendations?
  • try streaming Charlie Gilletts' show on BBC London...

    His record of the month for february seems like it might be a good investment..I've heard a few tracks from it..might be up your street

    or have a pop at this Monica Akihary. I seem to be the only person who has reviewed / bought it so far...
  • Yeah Aphex has 'Chosen Lords' and 'Hangable Auto Bulb' out recently. Nought special mind you.
  • imageI sat and watched 'Man with the Movie Camera' last night, with the superb, and very recent, Cinematic Orchestra theme.

    Has anyone else done this?

    Pure magic is all I can say, really worth a download if you can find it.

    I am on the hunt for more orchestral based music, if possible with a modern Avantgarde edge. Kronos Quartet comes to mind, and John Zorn at his most accessible. Anyone else you can think of?
  • Yep, definitely, definitely check out A Silver Mt. Zion , especially their two albums "Born Into Trouble As Sparks Fly Upward" and "This Is Our Punk Rock", and especially the first track of Born Into Trouble, which is beautiful.

    Check out Clogs, and their album "Stick Music", especially the track "Pencil Stick". Of course also check out Sigur Ros, Godspeed You Black Emperor, and for some absolutely masterful fusion of orchestral music (mostly Hungarian stuff like Bartok) combined with drill'n'bass breaks, get the album "Rossz Csillag Alatt Született" by Venetian Snares.
  • good work Danieru..

    love that album.

    had it for a couple of years..but not seen the film...hope it might be a bit like when I saw Dancer in the Dark after getting to know the soundtrack really well..

    Roots Manuva have done some nice work on a version of All things to all men

    Thought you should know about some work by Nitin Sawhney for a film called A Throw Of Dice...

    funnily enough the film was also made in 1929, the same year as Man with a movie camera!

    Just missed his performance of it here in London at the Barbican, which I bet was brilliant...

    take it easy,

  • edited April 2006
    I've been listening to Cinematic Orchestra for a while, and I'd already seen Man with the movie camera a few years back, minus any soundtrack. Watching the movie with the Cine-Orc accompaniment really brought both to life though. Great stuff...

    Cheers for the music input. I'm dry out here...

    Here's some music ideas of my own for you:

    imageAn old favourite of mine, but one that still remains clouded in music history: Captain Beefheart

    His albums 'Safe as Milk', 'Trout Mask Replica' and 'Clear Spot' just about run the gammut of his genius

    Ananda Shankar - been in love with him recently, 'Missing You' is sublime

    I also finally discovered a Bowie (and Eno) album I liked every moment of: 'Low' - Brian Eno's own 'My Life in the Bush of Ghosts' should not be missed.

    imageJohn Zorn, who I mentioned earlier, is a little harder to recommend. His music is often seriously avantgarde and, as such, inaccessible to the extreme.

    I loved 'Music Romance' ( One & Two ), and 'The Big Gundown'. Take your time with him and you'll find yourself hooked.

    I could go on indefinitely
  • edited May 2006
    I would recommend alot of music, mostly noise..
  • Any more musical functions to recommend?

    I just got real into Amadou & Mariam. Loving it...
  • I'm currently listening to McFly. Wouldn't have thought you were aiming that question at the likes of me.
  • Im really into free music.. Lets share the loot:

    "I explode like a bomb. No one is spared. My power is my mass times the speed of light squared."
    I give to you; MC HAWKING!!!

    Wanna hear alot of songs about shit?
    List of songs about defecation!

    Think pop's too soft?
    Try DEATHpop!
  • I would recommend Pain of Salvation's album and show-dvd "BE". The genre is, what, proggresive-something-something. Its a play, a poem and a song.

    For the better part of 2003 and 2004, the band worked on their most serious undertaking to date: a concept album about the nature of existence of God and humankind.
    BE attempts to explore the many facets of human existence. It begins with the narration of Animae, someone or something who/that has existed for as long as he/she/it can remember and contemplates the nature of his/her/its existence and then begins a journey of understanding with the words: "I will call myself GOD and I will spend the rest of forever trying to figure out who I am"
    It once again featured The Orchestra of Eternity, and included a memorable song whereby the band had set up a phone line for fans from around the world to ring and leave their message on “God’s answering machine”. There was an overwhelming response from fans who laughed, cried and poured their soul into their messages. The messages were collated and presented with a peaceful instrumental accompaniment, resulting in what the band considers to be one of their most touching tracks they have ever recorded.
    Somehow I seem to have this predestined hunger for knowledge
    A talent for seeing patterns and finding correlations
    But I lack context
    "Searching for yourself is like looking for the house you stand in
    How could you possibly find it?
    It's everywhere
    It's all you know
    And there are no other points of reference"
    I am sorry
    Please forgive us
    For this human lack of humanity
    This evolutionary travesty
    This tragedy called "Man"
    ...called "Man"...

    Also, perhaps Jonathan Coultons (free) song about the Mandelbrot set and DNA might be interesting..
    Pathological monsters! cried the terrified mathematician
    Every one of them is a splinter in my eye
    I hate the Peano Space and the Koch Curve
    I fear the Cantor Ternary Set And the Sierpinski Gasket makes me want to cry
    And a million miles away a butterfly flapped its wings
    On a cold November day a man named Benoit Mandelbrot was born

    His disdain for pure mathematics and his unique geometrical insights
    Left him well equipped to face those demons down
    He saw that infinite complexity could be described by simple rules
    He used his giant brain to turn the game around
    And he looked below the storm and saw a vision in his head
    A bulbous pointy form
    He picked his pencil up and he wrote his secret down

    Take a point called Z in the complex plane
    Let Z1 be Z squared plus C
    And Z2 is Z1 squared plus C

    Please, Mr. Daniel, I would like to ask you about some things, privately, if you have got the time~?
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