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Risking it all

edited May 2006 in Human
Quote by Danieru:
"Real Ale is THE ONLY THING in the universe worth risking anything for (you can quote me on that)"

Which I did, thanks, which leads me to the crux of the matter, what is the one thing in the word which you would risk it all on? I'm takling something (someone?) you would die for, to give your own existance to see this one goal through


  • Personally I have never really thought about this. I would like to say my girlfriend, but i would probably be lying. In fact i dont think there is anything i would give my life for.
  • This is Trick No.1.....and the point of all the genii in the bottle type stories, before you might get what you want you need to know what the hell you want. As for what I would give my life for? well we can guess, but we'll never know unless we do it.
  • Real Ale is that good
  • Well if I had a button, that could end all life in this solar system, I would push it hard.
    .. And I guess that would be the end me...
  • But doesn't that therefore lead to the question "If you destroyed the solar system and no-one survived, did it ever exist to begin with?"
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    Ah Tman, you got it, all right!
    If all that ever perceived, stopped perceiving; what would happen? Are humans actually the only source of the universe? Life being the basis and font of everything?

    - And on the subject of whether or not there ever had been a solar system, well, I dont know if time exist outside of the wall of lifeforms... I mean, time is just mowing particles, right?
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    I don't think humans are the font of everything, but life, and self reflexive life at that, surely brings reality better into focus.

    Consciousness breeds perspective, brings awareness, endows the universe with a greater reflexive depth:
    "It would be a poor thing to be an atom in a universe without physicists, and physicists are made of atoms. A physicist is an atom's way of knowing about atoms." ~ George Wald
  • Let us get pissed......... I am now, reading this. Blah!
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