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  • Hei there allihopa,

    I am Phobos from... well nowhere in particular. I have all but eradicated my nationality and now just please myself by saying I am international (although sometimes I like to pretend I am Scandinavian).

    I like words... especially words like extrapolate and endeavour (but not pronounced the Australian way ... well maybe sometimes, but only as a joke) and well banana. No special reason, just like the way they sound and feel vocalized by me.
  • taramasalata. you ever find yourself in a long words competition, thats all you need to know. yum.
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    Im Richard and I've lived in the Land of Corn - Nebraska, (the most boring state in the country) for about 5 years now.
    24, skateboarder, film student, photographer, agnostic. Peace
  • My Name is Tim and I'm from ye olde England!
    To confirm, yes we drink nothing but tea and warm lager and eat nothing but yorkshire puds and sunday lunches

    I found this site by typing "Kill God" Into Google
  • Oh yeah, I found this sight by typing "reality, dreams, cinema" into Google
  • Hello,
    I'm Moon from Israel, but the fact I'm *living* in Israel, doesn't stop me in any way from surfing distant -very -much- real- *virtual* places.
    huge-entity has been a visiting well for some time now, a great inspirational staring point..
    good luck with the new initiatives
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    Hello once again to new members, welcome!

    Great to see the numbers increasing so steadily. Don't hesitate but to post your own discussions.... Make yourselves at home.

    P.S. Love the 'Kill God' discovery by the way
  • hello

    I found this site on day release from prison, seeking fellow entities similar to myself. It's a hard life.


  • your pictures are shit scary

    how's things?
  • Much obliged, It's a gift (Like being able to memorise the "Mr.Frosty" Jingle from Playskool) :)
  • Hi
    Im Gardner and found this site after being recommended it by a friend (Tman).
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    I was referred to The Huge Entity by a friend who sent links to some of your posts, Danieru, and I liked what I saw.

    I suppose if my name were pronounced by a native Japanese speaker, I'd be called Mikeru. When my friend Brad Warner lived in Japan, the same kind of thing happened to him. (BTW, if you haven't read Brad's book Hardcore Zen then visit his website and go get his book.)

    So who am I? (Now THERE'S a Zen Buddhist question for you!) The Zen answer would be (quoting Bodhidharma) "I don't know."

    But the conventional answer is that I teach Technical Communication at New Mexico State University, volunteer for Transhumanist orgs (the World Transhumanist Association, and also the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies), and serve as a Zen Buddhist priest in our little local sangha.

    Nice to be here.


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    I think your name in Japanese Katakana would be:

    Ma-i ku
    (pronouncing the 'a-i' as 'eye' and a short toned 'u')

    Thanks for coming along.... We have a real interesting bunch gathering here. Post away!
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    My names Lee, Iv just started to read your stuff and its very interesting, i will be a regular visitor to this website for sure and i was pointed to thois website by halabrad (aka chris)
  • G'day from New Zealand.

    Linked here randomly from the Atheism Online forum, to which I contribute, and was almost immediately impressed (that is to say scared into soiling my pants) by the awesome levels of IQ displayed by your contributors. It was like opening a drawer in a hotel room and finding a copy of Hofstadter's 'Godel, Escher, Bach:' in place of the usual banality.

    Amongst you I fear I shall be as a midget on the shoulders of giants, but as every Don Quixote needs his Sancho Panza I hope for your tolerance and forbearance.

    I was once from ye Olde England too, but fled down here to the remotest inhabitable part of the earth - save perhaps for Pitcairn - after Chernobyl. Down here I too have tea and Yorkshire pud with Sunday lunch (and New Zealand lamb) but the lager is cold. One thing we don't have is Real Ale, and Tman if you don't drink a pint or two of that now and again, at least for me, shame on you. It's almost worth risking nuclear fall-out and Tony Blair for.
  • Real Ale is THE ONLY THING in the universe worth risking anything for (you can quote me on that)
  • Hello people. I am Max. Nothing special. I am very apethetic but try to overcome this pitfall. I live in Wisconsin, don't have a job, have not gone to college, and am pretty much just wandering around (metaphorically speaking). trying to find myself. I stumbled across this website and was blown away. I'm just hope that my meager ability to self-educate will stand up to the intellects that stand before me.
  • Autodidacts unite!
  • I know there have been a few outages on here already, but what do all you guys do as your day jobs? (i suppose that assumes that Huge Entity forum is somehow your night-job - if only we got paid for this)...
  • I personally work as a shop assistant at the current moment, It gives me plenty of free time to think about life, the universe and everything. Plus I can plot RPG's like a mother-biatch
  • RPG? Tabletop?
  • Who's that?
  • Hi, I'm from Australia, have 3 subjects left to go in my Uni degree [B. Health Stuff - deferred] currently doing P/T Temp work at a primary school [scary stuff] and hoping shortly to have more time to talk on this forum about the above-mentioned L, the U & E. By the way, I used to live at a no. 42 street address [I know, eerie huh] and now live at a no. 333, which you could say puts me halfway to hell, sounds like a song I know [think ACDC]. No really I am usually glass half-full kind of person and I'm ridiculously happy with my life at the moment. Anyway looking forward to joining in for lots of long, kookie, rambling discussions.
  • I just spoke to someone who told me my name was a bit out there, so thought I'd better explain. I was thinking of 'What the Bleep do we know - down the rabbit hole' so thought I'd use Bunny Hole. I'm not a fluffy porn star or anything... Yeah I know, shame
  • According to Uncle Al Crowley, 333 is the number of the mighty daemon Choronzon, guardian of the twelfth aether, a very unpleasent fellow though no match for a pookah like The White Rabbit...'go ask Alice, when she's 10 feet tall'... I hope you've had your myxomatosis shots BH.
  • 333 is a midget dressed as Satan.

    Name THAT Australian sketch reference!
  • It's driving me crazy! Commercial or ABC/SBS?
    Thinking of sketch comedy, has anybody seen 'The League of Gentlemen"? That blackface ringmaster Scares me. Hooray, I finally found a villian that makes my blood run cold!
  • Welcome Bunny Hole... Can we have a hell yeah for White Rabbit references?
  • It's from the Shaun Micallef Programme, Mr. What.

    So, ABC.
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