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Infinite Caption Competition



  • Thanks Roland - I'm afraid there's another mistake in there: 'born' is missing an 'e'. Damn it all, and to think I was spelling champion at school, but now my lazy arse/ass can barely get through 400 pages of 'Of Grammatology' in less than a day. Anyway, as we all know, meaning most certainly IS in the head, and if by 'chez' I mean what is commonly signified by 'chaise' then that's just tough for you lot. You probably don'y exist anyway, in fact Danieru, Roland and What? are probably each a product of my imagination in which case it's up to me who wins the contest... Hurrah! Oh, I'll try to sort a photo for you in the next 24 hrs - hope that's ok.

    Love and Kisses

  • Ah sputnik! Dream for me a beautiful and self reliant woman.
  • Sorry i haven't uploaded a photo... I tried thinking about it really hard, but it didn't happen - so I guest my sollipsist theory was wrong. Anyone want to volunteer an image - help yourself.
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    Kim Jong in a Field of Wheat
  • An indecisive customer holds up the queue for the sunglasses stall, but no one wants to say anything.
  • Ret's leconvene this meeting in field, so I can take reak with no hand.

    Yes Sir!
  • "Here's the deal: I shoot the quail, you guys run and get it. Don't worry, the Americans do this all the time."
  • Where's my butane torch?
  • A south-western farmers novel idea of using a cardboard cutout of the north korean premier as a screcrow goes belly-up when the absent crows are soon replaced by eager lackeys.
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    Pure Hen-night vol1 is the winner!

    Please post your own slice of digital celluloid joy right here...
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  • The totalitarian version of the trust fall.
  • 6 points for the outer ring; 7 for the next one in; then 8; then 9; 10 for the centre; 11 for the red circle; 12 for the face; lucky number 13 for the balls.
  • Posted By: what?The totalitarian version of the trust fall.

    what? wins ahead of time.
  • Pure Hen-night vol1

    what's your source on that? Mind if I use it for a photoshop competition?
  • Come on What?, where's your caption?!
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    A small and perfectly formed stool may also have been my response.
  • Posted By: Mole of ProductionPure Hen-night vol1

    what's your source on that? Mind if I use it for a photoshop competition?
    Sorry! I'm afraid I can't remember exactly were I found the picture, the best I can do is tell you that I stumbled upon the website that had it while looking at pictures of cheese rolling on google image search.
  • No bother. I'll just use it anyway.
  • Next caption space open...

    Who'll get there first?
  • Who is this Who'll?...and what a contrived handle!
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    I suppose it's the irish for 'wool' crossed with the New York for 'oil'

    I couldn't help myself. This picture needed to be posted. 'Who'll' be the next the next captionator?

    Goliath Beetles are Fucking Massive
  • Exhibit #43 from the Ancient Egyptian Fashion Revival, 2006
  • Dung beatles move to character commentary.
  • John Lennon contemplates the fickle nature of instant karma
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    Exclusive Naked Lunch bracelet coming summer 2006*

    *Order now and receive a vial of Mugwump Extract - absolutely free!
  • sort of a combo of the Naked Lunch typewriters and those typing-assist wrist thingies from Brazil, isn't it? Minus the fellatio. And the torture.
  • I want one!
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