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The Huge Contagion

edited July 2006 in Nonsense
I received an email this morning which brightened my day:
Monash UniversityMonash University Library seeks permission to link to pages and documents available on your website.

The use of this material is for education and non-commercial purposes


The page being used is

Hyper Real Wikipedia and the Evolution of Mu-Lacra

My job at the library is to coordinate the creation of reading lists for academic staff and their students. We make them into a web page that university staff and students have access to and they link to items: in our catalogue; into vendor databases and like in your case, to the web. The unit title for this reading list is 'The cyborg subject: identity and subjectivity in the 21st Century' and is being taught at our Malaysian campus.

I make sure if we do link to web pages from the reading lists, that we do so within the terms and conditions of the sites and it is purely based on what the academics want their students to read. So in effect the lecturer has seen your page thought it was relevant to the topic and wants to use it.


The link will be entered into a catalogue record available via the Monash University Library Catalogue (, making it clear that users are leaving the Monash site and entering your site.

Please respond at your earliest convenience, we will proceed with the link until otherwise notified.


I could do nothing be laugh wildly at this. One of my badly thought out, unplanned streams of nonsciousness is being handed to university students in an attempt to expand their reservoirs of knowledge!


I think if any lecturer of mine had pointed me to similar internet rhetoric I might have questioned their authority in the highest degree. Perhaps the lreference will be preceeded by "and here's an example of the kind of postmodern, techno-centric crap I don't want you to write".

This can be the only logical explanation.



  • Dont be so coy!!
  • I think it was a good article, even if it was an "unplanned stream of nonsciousness". Perhaps the lecturer means only to extract certain ideas from it, and not use the article in its entirety? The concepts (and consequences) of hyperreality, etc. You should feel honored, not amused!
  • Besides, traffic! Start researching the likely demographic of students on this module and link to custom-created relevant content on the site / forum from the page they're pointed to.
  • I doubt the traffic content will be high. Modules do not have high numbers, and the amount of people who follow up extra reading links is bound to be quite low. I might make a hundred extra hits tops, leading to 1 or 2 further links elsewhere with the students who care enough to pass on the link. I am overestimating too.

    Yeah, it is nice to be linked to for whatever reason. My 'demographic' is never very constant. I like it that way.
  • P.S. Is this the kind of demographic you'd go hunting for?
    (check out what they link to)
  • Oh but Dan, "protector_of_the_world" brings up so many good points!
    Posted By: protector_of_the_worlddude if u dont exist then how r u typing so my advise to u is get off that weird a$$ get a brain and se it! if your not real how r u reading this how r we typing how do we talk if we dont exist we couldent see eachother so dang!
    ha ha ha... I love the guy at the end:
    If we didn't exist, then what are we doing right now ?
    We’re on the ‘net… communicating in and projecting our ‘real’ identities into a completely virtual world… so DANG!
  • Ha ha... You made my day Dr. Orphusi (well, maybe that last guy did). I believe now, I really do.
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