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Infinite List Thread


  • A note on formatting lists . . .
    <b>EXAMPLE LIST with BULLETS:</b>
    • item
    • item
    • item
    <li>first item</li>
    <li>second item</li&gt
    <li>third item</li>
    1. first item
    2. second item
    3. third item
  • what about Xena!
  • Keep listing... That's what this thread is for ;)
  • Remember the checkout scene in 'Go' ?
    ....Xerxes may not be mythological, but what a cool name.
    Are the Xindhi the ones from 'Enterprise'?
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    The 16 Brain Types can be categorized in broader terms. Below they are listed as SJs, SPs, NFs, and NTs.

    ELs / SJs

    BEIL / ISTJ "Investigator"

    gatherer of data; compelled to identify reality and bring order; stable, conservative, dependable, reserved, logical, fastidious, systematic, painstaking, thorough, dutiful; fine motor skilled.

    FEIL / ESTJ "Supervisor"

    excels at organizing and running activities and orderly procedures; matter-of-fact; consistent, efficient, energetic, pragmatic, critiquing; likes rules and laws; values traditions; commerce-oriented; fine motor skilled.

    BEAL / ISFJ "Assistant"

    concerned with others’ welfare; responsible, reserved, patient, practical, friendly, orderly, inquisitive regarding people, harm-avoiding; conscientious, thorough, loyal; service-oriented; gross motor skilled.

    FEAL / ESFJ "Facilitator"

    hospitable, focuses on usefulness; energetic, realistic; develops and nurtures relationships; sensitive to praise and criticism; expresses feelings; conscientious; orderly; friendly promoter, commerce- oriented, gross motor skilled.

    ERs / SPs

    BEIR / ISTP "Athlete"

    artful with machines, tools, and hands; seeks action and excitement; superb tactician—seizing the moment; athletic, competitive, witty but usually not wordy; street smart; ever-thinking; can be intense with deep convictions; adaptive; fine motor skilled.

    FEIR / ESTP "Opportunist"

    "smooth operator," deal-maker; tactical, enterprising; adaptable, persuasive, energetic; seeks fun and excitement; athletic; enjoys the moment; realistic, good natured, self-focused; body- and clothes-conscious; entrepreneur; negotiator; promoter; fine motor skilled.

    BEAR / ISFP "Artisan"

    appreciates beauty and texture; artistic, athletic and graceful; reticent, not verbally expressive; realistic; sensitive, modest, kind; sympathetic; impulsive, enjoys freedom; service-oriented; gross motor skilled.

    FEAR / ESFP "Entertainer"

    performs to entertain others; enjoys creating party-like atmosphere; spender—not a saver; expressive; down-to-earth; radiates warmth and optimism; impulsive, enjoys promoting and business; rhythmical and athletic; gross motor skilled.

    CAs / NFs

    BCAR / INFP "Idealist"

    deep internal values; idealistic, romantic, appears calm; generally reticent; creative, avoids conflict, sensitive, aware of others’ feelings; sacrificial, welcomes new ideas; flexible, interested in learning and writing; composer; language skilled.

    FCAR / ENFP "Motivator"

    highly energetic; enthusiastic, charming, imaginative, improvisational; sees possibilities; spontaneous; easily bored with repetition; enjoys solving people’s problems; catalyst, marketer, language skilled.

    BCAL / INFJ "Wordsmith"

    potential gifted writer; imaginative, conscientious; has concern for the needs and development of others; empathetic; enjoys enriching inner life; methodical; quietly forceful; counselor; language skilled.

    FCAL / ENFJ "Educator"

    teacher/pastor; socially sophisticated; expressive, ambitious, catalyst, cooperative, devoted, fluent, imaginative, emotional; opinionated; interested in ideas and possibilities; seeks order, language skilled.

    CIs / NTs

    BCIR / INTP "Logician"

    master of conceptual logic; problem-solver; scientific—desires understanding of universe; designs logical models; seeks precision; introspective; adaptable; tends to excel in theoretical, philosophical subjects; logical abstraction skilled.

    FCIR / ENTP "Strategizer" - (apparently this is me. do your own brain-bullshit test here)

    "precocious planner," imaginative, alert to possibilities; quick thinking; likes complexity; computer proficient; enjoys one-up-manship; enthusiastic, outspoken, artistic, comedic, manipulative, spontaneous, entrepreneurial; logical abstraction skilled.

    BCIL / INTJ "Inventor"

    applicator of ideas; builder of theoretical systems; self-confident; independent, reserved, single-minded, conceptual; seeks knowledge; not impressed with authority; determined, analytic, stubborn, skeptical, scientific; logical abstraction skilled.

    FCIL / ENTJ "Chief Executive Officer"

    born "CEO," driven, takes charge; harnesses people to a distant goal; strategic; expressive; potential good debater and public speaker; seeks vision and purpose; political; self-focused; structured; logical abstraction skilled.
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    Great stuff...

    I have been following the progress of The Fountain since Darren Aronofsky's last outing, which, let's face it, was far far too long ago. Much interest I hold indeed.

    Some other great looking films I'd previously not come across, thanks for that. What's it with Britain and post apocalyptic/dystopian visions recently? (V for Vendetta and now Children of Men). Gritty the UK might be, but be fair now movie dudes!

    I'd definitely add Scanner Darkly to your list. Phiip K Dick gets his vision on screen, finally.
  • Right on. I just rewatched Requiem today to calm my pre-Fountain jitters. It's still a ways off, but the wait is getting more bearable. Lots of people are comparing Aaronofsky to Kubrick. While that's probably a bit premature, he does have an amazing talent. Of course, I never went wild for Kubrick because I thought that the books he based his movies on didn't really lend themselves to film (Lolita, A Clockwork Orange, 2001). Kubrick's work could never live up to its source material (and was even, in some ways, limited by it). That's why it makes me insanely happy that Aaronofsky wrote The Fountain himself.

    I initially stubled across The Prestige because Scarlett Johansson was in it. She is, I have decided, both the most beautiful actress in the world and an excellent chooser of films. Ghost World and Lost in Translation warm my heart against this post-modern cosmic indifference.

    I've been tracking A Scanner Darkly too. Is it already out? If so, it didn't come here, but I plan on renting it asap.
  • Is Clint Mansell along for the ride as well? Both Pi and Requiem have stunning soundtracks which better realised the movies than any visuals could have.

    I adore Kubrick. I recently watched Barry Lyndon, Lolita and Eyes Wide Shut for the first time. I agree with your comments in regard to Lolita. The subject matter was far removed from any cultural reality it could have attained at the time. What a weird weird movie; impossible to fathom, but undoubtably years ahead of its time. Barry Lyndon instantly became a favourite of mine. I intend to watch it again, this time in high definition, very soon. Kubrick's genius can easily be uncovered by a simple jaunt through his filmography:

    Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)
    2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
    A Clockwork Orange (1971)
    Barry Lyndon (1975)
    The Shining (1980)
    Full Metal Jacket (1987)

    Every one of these films, pasted here in order of their appearance, stands as a masterful symbol of their appropriate genres. From black comedy through science fiction, historical, horror right up to war epic. Kubrick spanned so many areas so effortlessly. He is the archetypal auteur. Aronofsky has a loooong way to go to equal his genius.
  • Regarding the "Brain Types," turns out I'm an Idealist, but I don't really buy any personality test based around dualities. Really, they can do better.
  • No, neither do I, but I thought this one was particularly pigeon holing. Compulsive though. I intend to make my own some day. Perhaps we could draw one up here.

    Huge Hyperactive Over-Imagination Personality Typifier...

    Question 1:

    Which colour extends the furthest?
    - Orange
    - Aquamarine
    - Golden Brown

    Quation 2:

    Finish this sentence: The Moose is the opposite of...
    - the badger
    - the antiquark
    - a moose


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    Don't forget SPARTACUS!.....the antimoose
  • List of phobia topics beginning with the letter 'B':

    Bacteria - Bacteriophobia.
    Bald people - Peladophobia.
    Bald (becoming) - Phalacrophobia.
    Bathing - Ablutophobia.

    Beards - Pogonophobia.
    Beautiful women - Caligynephobia.
    Beds - Clinophobia.
    Bees - Apiphobia or Melissophobia.
    Blindness - Scotomaphobia.

    Blood - Hemophobia or Hemaphobia..
    Body odors - Osmophobia or Osphresiophobia.
    Bogeyman - Bogyphobia.
    Books - Bibliophobia.
    Bound or tied up - Merinthophobia.

    Bowel movements - Defecaloesiophobia.
    Brain disease - Meningitophobia.
    Bridges (crossing) - Gephyrophobia.
    Bullets - Ballistophobia.
    Bums & beggars - Hobophobia.
    Burglars - Scelerophobia.
    Buried alive - Taphephobia.
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    We have nothing to fear but phobophobia
  • from Ask MetaFilter,
    Novels with man wrestling with brothel habit [selections]:
    • The World According to Garp
    • Catch-22
    • Memories of my Melancholy Whores
    • The Good Earth, by Pearl Buck
    • The Crimson Petal and the White
    • Ulysses
    • Choke, by Chuck Palanuik
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    Who could afford it?
    And Nately was in love with his whore, so I'd argue the brothel was peripheral.
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