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Dualists and Reductionists! Please shut up

edited September 2006 in Consciousness
23/9/06 show is not up as I write,but strewth, it made me mad.
It's about the Aussie contribution to the debate between the above.

Is the mind the same thing as the brain, or is the mind a distinct entity that is different from, but acts through the brain? Yes, this old one.
I don't understand the question. We do not have anything like a complete physical description of the brain, maybe when we do we'll be able to explain consciousness, maybe not. And until then we can exercise our imaginations all we like about so called non-physical superstructures, but what's the point?
Thank the Manifold for that $8 Bill. large hadron crasher, because until we have the physics, we can't fully describe any physical system. Hang on, I think the uncertainty principle and Godels incompleteness thingy might demonstrate that a full description is impossible....
Anyway, what I was yelling at the radio was that the brain is made of matter, and matter is made of what? Why do reductionists insist on stopping at the atomic, or more likely, molecular level of organisation? Matter and energy are's made out of energy man...
On the other hand, why invoke icomprehensible crap that hovers about in our heads, feeding on brainwaves like a standard SF energy vampire? I think I'v e put this site up before, nevermind...I'm running out of glucose, the thing in my head is hungry.
I still drive myself crazy thinking about bloody photons/Em radiation let alone goddamn quantum jumping...
How does a black hole evaporate? Will Hawking metamorphose into Davros and turn us into Daleks? ... Suits me..grumble, mumble
What's that beautiful big german compound word that translates as something like ' the war between the mice and the frogs' meaning a conflict that ain't that grand?
This here is the wattle
It's the symbol of my land
You can stick it in a bottle
You can hold it in your hand

end rant


  • edited September 2006
    the brain is made of matter, and matter is made of what?
    Maybe yours is. Mine's made of Roland. Is this reductionism in the other direction? There is no brain; it's all just mind!
  • I was in Greek mode, but I gotta respond to them in the same cultural paradigm.
    Back to the East, Chuang tzu, '...or am I a butterfly, dreaming it's a man'
    One mind
    No mind
    No matter
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