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  • I've seen everything Micallef has done multiple times, Welcher & Welcher is on the ABC at the moment...but I can't remember this!...which really shouldn't surprise me...The memories are there, it's access thats the problem...
    If your life really does flash before your eyes, I hope to be well entertained.
  • Micallef is the God of my comedic memory reservoir.

    I didn't know Welcher & Welcher re-runs were being shown? Gotta check that out...
  • edited July 2006
    Hello all. My name is Aaron, I'm a college student living in North Carolina. I stumbled across this forum googling for discussions/ reviews of Hofstadter's new book "I am a Strange Loop," and found a great little thread about it. His G.E.B. was one of the (many) books I've read in recent years that forcefully made me aware of how little I know -- so, I spend most of my free hours reading in an attempt to mitigate my youthful ignorance. I don't know if it's working yet, but so far it seems a lot more edifying than going to class. I'm also studying French and Japanese.

    I've been dying for lack of interesting conversation, so this forum seemed like the perfect place.
  • Welcome! Spread the news far and wide: the huge entity forum accepts all thinkers...
  • Dear friends,
    I am a new member from India. I have posted my article "Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment" in the World Forum. You are requested to kindly read the article. Thank you.

  • Lets recognise the gods within...Namaste
  • Good day!
    I am transdimensionalrock, a student programmer from Sydney, Australia, im interested in eclectic esoterica from all over the inter-web (translation: I have far too much time on my hands.), and this place has been providing me food for thought for a few weeks so i figured I'd join. Anyways, I think its coffee time.....
  • Welcome welcome..... Always a pleasure to be introduced to new inter-neural web surfers. May your time and mine meld in productive procreation.
  • Hello huge ones...

    Hope you are all well. My life still in between entities at the moment. Being British again in Britain leaves me reeling in joy speckled bemusement.

    Keep thinking.
  • At 22 my brain is too big for my body. While I realize this and bring the rest of myself in line I will no doubt have to withdraw from thought where I wish to manifest change elsewhere.

    Here's to making sure the thoughts that persist are the ones that count. Hi everyone.
  • I have just about realigned my life back in the UK. Been working as a teacher in a special school for a couple of week. Hopefully applying for a Creative and Professional Writing Masters this week. Could my life be about to change again?
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    Oh to be young again,,,what! and have to go through another thirty years of bullshit?
  • That does look like bullshit. In my youth we have snazzier clothes and better cameras. It's fucking great!
  • Chop me up and consume,
    your never too old
    or too fat

    to enjoy the finner things in
    life and death

    steak and potatos
    tofu and sprouts
    the sun is what you eat

    if we could drink
    the rays

    splice some chlorophyll
    and phosphorescent genes
    with a dash of porcupine spikes

    the genome is ours

    Hi, my name brian
    i not speak so good

    but i introduce i!
  • Greetings earthlings(?)

    I work as a mild-mannered printing industry consultant by day.

    I also do that at night except when the TV is on.

    Or when practicing the piano.

    Or doing this.

    I posted something before this (my bad).

    It is always hot where I live.

    And wet.

    So don't come here.
  • edited December 2006
    hi people

    I am WAAAYY older than all of you, and that means I know almost everything

    My motto (borrowed from Dilbert)
    "there is aboslutely no point in listening to what anybody else has to say, because they are either agreeing with me or talking nonsense"
    Ok - 'old,jaded and cynical, but in a nice way'

    .. that any more plausible?
  • OK, put you temporal displacement where your mouth is!
    We need a hubris-off.
    A contest which will test the depths of grumpyness.
    And welcome!
  • *ehem*

    How can there be hubris in the absence of gods?
  • hello. my name is sharlene, im 22 yrs old and live in a suburb of los a student and am unemployed at the moment. i was just searching for funny pictures of baby monkeys..which then led me to bonobos...then i found myself here. so not very articulate, but these topics truly interest me. thats all.
  • Absence? It's still twilight...
    Hello shar, you sound perfectly coherent to me but don't worry, it'll go away.
  • twilight sounds good enough. Ok, I'm hubrising away right now.

    Bonobos are just chimps without attitude (I think).

    Welcome shar :)
  • Beware the Bonobo handshake
  • edited February 2007
    Bonobos are chimps with enormous arses and a hypersex drive. Plus they sound much cooler


  • Well I just found this forum again, I have been racking my brains for a day or so trying to remember the name then searched Google for "infinity black hole haiku" and it turned up as the first entry!

    It's good to be back on here and I hope to post more and expand my mind a lot more.

    I currently work as an ICT support techinican in a senior school (11-16 yr olds, not sure what that converts to in america), I am finishing a college course to actually be qualified to do my job.
  • When I put that into Google I get Paris Hilton..
    I'm a teacher in the land downunder, where 4xxx is a great beer.
  • Introducing another loop?

    I find the notion of identity as loops not strange.
    Further, my hunch is that the notion of identity is misnamed and misleading.
    My opinion is that the conversations about consciousness tend to be sloppy.
    In order to scramble out of the rabbit hole, it might help to use words
    more precisely. Anyone not alienated by these observations, please
    talk to me. Any of you read Julian Jaynes The Origin of Consciousness
    and the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind ? How about
    Love and Will by Rollo May? How about The God Delusion by Dawkins ? Who were the neurosurgeons who identified the spot on the brain that is associated with
    religious experience ?
  • Dear Dead Chalkboard

    I'm a kierkegaardian sleeper and writer.
    Please be nice to me.
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