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Wii, this is fun!

edited December 2006 in Nonsense
I Am writing this on my Tv with a magic wand . Now technology is indistinguishable from magic ...what now?


  • YOU HAVE A WII! You bastard.... The UK is free from their glory. I want one. Not until the new year.

    The Huge Entity's first Wii user. Classy Mr. What? Classy...
  • Bloody oath! My 'children', now men of 24 and 20, have been brought up as fine young cynics. No christmas or birthday bullshit, the deal has been, when the new platform is released, we 're there. $615A, two controllers three games..Gabe has already finished Zelda, a good 50 hours play in a week or so, wireless internet browser as tube etc. on the TV...Not only that, I'm playing too, first time since FZero and Mario cart...I've seen some stuff on the net about us old farts getting into games thanks to the brilliant physical interface of the Wii. And yes, I nearly took off Ben's head playing tennis! Yup, reduced to a sweat soaked pulp by boxing, ten pin bowling...but bugger the golf...and it looks SO bloody groovy!
    You are really going to love this machine...soon!
  • what isn't the only one...
    I managed to snag one about a week and a half ago. In canada the internet browser isnt running yet, though, so I'm typing this from the computer. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Can't get away from it -- I'm glad I bought it just before my exams ended - hopefully I get it out of my system before school starts up again....but there's so much to do!!!!!
    I hope none of you here are sony or microsoft aficianados. I chose the Wii because it's different - the other consoles in this console generation are the same old stuff with new graphics. Wii is headed in the direction that all virtual reality must eventually evolve to. Screw "reality"!!!!!!!!!!! Nintendo rules! Consume me, nintendo!
    anyone seen eXistenZ?

    PS: what?, I don't have any Wii friends. You could be my first one... I'm not at home so I don't have my wii number with me, but it would be cool to link up.
  • Certainly! I'll consult my technical advisor
  • I did see eXistenZ, simulacra ad ex infiniti.
    What is peculiar is people are forgetting themselfes in World of Warcraft already. I have talked to alot of gamers, and they all seem to have the same view on reality: They live for the day when they can forget their real self, and become anything.
    Amused to death, a song yes?
  • I'm more interested in making those worlds in which one can escape.

    Creating fiction is the greatest escapism.
  • dan is right - you cant lose yourself any better than in the world youre most familiar with
  • I'm just waiting for someone to make my game, 'Wii Wii', in which there is just a big picture of a urinal on the screen and you hold the controller however is comfortable and relax. If you squeeze it, it stops.

    Later levels would have snow.

    I think this would sell particularly well to women. If the machine is as immersive as people say, men could embarrass themselves.
  • In light of Dan's and Kayman's previous statements, I have probably just revealed a lot about myself.
  • edited January 2007
    You could have some real fantasy locations, too.

    I'm thinking Empire State building (with adjustable wind).

    Now I'm thinking Duchamp's 'Fountain' - in a gallery, with people staring.

    The oval office.

    A wedding. Where you're the vicar.

    A courtroom, on trial for indecent exposure.

    This idea has legs! Any suggestions?
  • edited January 2007
    i know that there are such things as sexual toys that can be controlled by a cyber-partner over a chat console. And I remember a previous article on this site, I think, about people who are immersed in realistic, sexually respoonsive female-dummies made by the Chinese.

    Wii-remote as a jerk off "joy"stick magic wand? Sure, why not. Sometime in the future. Let's all be honest with each other: that's the first thing we thought of when we looked at the thing. "Say, can I play with your Wii?" "Which one?"
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