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edited March 2007 in General
You'd think that after reading all that SF and suckling upon the breast of Chaos, a little formatical discombobulation wouldn't bother me. Where is my octopus?
I have been exploring the virtual cortex via 'reddit' among others... interesting, but noisy places. I should explain, the familiar landscape of the Entity is at this moment stripped ,on my screen, of it's former comfortable style.
So what was my topic?
50's movies and cutup.
Is not cutup now mashup?
Go search and find the mashup using the scene where the Doctor first confronts Dalek in that museum... in the mash, the Dalek responds, in character, with Cleese's French Castle guard's speech from Holy Grail'.
Again I surrender, I am cutup/mashup...bliss to all


  • Two hundred words lost when the real page came back up! I love it... a rave about the distribution and significance of the word 'Orwellian' wherever I go on the net...can't be bad, can it?
  • Ah Dinosaur Dung. No really, check it out. Looks pretty mashed up to me.
  • This incoherent crud was the result of my finding Entity in a strange, simplified format that I believe is part of some technical process that I don't choose to attempt to understand. I may have been, Ahem.. a little 'tired and emotional'.
    Dino dung sums the whole thing up perfectly.
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