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I love this site and would visit a lot more often if I knew how to use the discussion tools. How about including a 'Help' or 'Tutorial' section for the neophytes? eg how do you include a named link ie Roland wrote 'this idiot' which links to a Wikipedia article about Jonathon Keats. I agree by the way, few sandwiches short of a picnic that boy.

Ok well hoping for some support here, or are all members of The Huge Entity supposed to be too intelligent to need any help...


  • I copy the address and paste it into my works, 'tis all I know.
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    To make a link use the toolbar above the comment box. If you press 'link' you'll get a box pop up which asks for the URL of your link. There are two ways to use this.

    1. The easy way: Highlight a word, or series of words, you want to be your link. Press the 'link' button. Enter your URL. Hey Presto!

    (make sure the HTML button is clicked on, below the comments box)

    2. The more detailed way: Click the 'link' button on its own and enter your URL. A code like this will be deposited in the comments box:

    <a href="http://THE URL YOU CHOSE">

    Now you need to type the link for the text, like this:

    <a href="http://THE URL YOU CHOSE">LINK TEXT

    Then you need to close the link. You can do this by pressing the 'link' button again (now it says '/link') this will close the link like this:

    <a href="http://THE URL YOU CHOSE">LINK TEXT</a>

    Of course, if you know how to write out a piece of link code, you can do it without pressing the buttons.

    Below the comment box it says 'Format comments as * Text * Html'

    Make sure the '* Html' button is highlighted.

    That's it! Post your comment and your link should look like this:


    Use liberally :-)
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