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Dave - Sheggers
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Jake - Pure Hen-night vol1
Peet - Phert

How you doing?


  • Hey, I posted you some links. The Apple one, although a bit dramatic is potentially amazing. Imagine how that kind of userface would change how we use computers..
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    Sexy stuff Jake, cheers. This place has been on fire today, what happened?

    Welcome and "please say hello" to everyone I invited :-)
  • Mista Jake! Our re-union was painfully brief last weekend- when you next in timsel town?
  • On tuesday i'm starting work experience in London so I'm gonna be staying up there for a couple of weeks.
  • Sweet- many funs will be had
  • I'm off to beddy byes now, i'll load up the chatroom before i go. let me know if it works (if you use it)
  • I hope so, i'm looking forward to some big city living, it ll be like being a movie star or something.

    I've heard people are rude in the big city, is this true?
  • Cities are where 'humans' evolved into 'people'....


    I always get primal urges in big cities, normally involving the slaughter of fellow subway passengers who blast their R n' B music out their headphones and into my face.
  • come on comrades! tell me where your heads are at right now....
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    Dan, is there any music you can recommend at the moment?
  • edited July 2006
    have you seen my two music podcasts? there are some gems i tell thee: (alternative access to both can be found here)

    it's been quiet on the new music front for me. i don't get much chance to swap ideas with people, there's no culture for it (or what exists is not my scene)

    tell me what you think of the podcasts.... how about your recommendations mrjake?
  • I'll have a listen to the podcasts tomoz.

    I'm very much the same on the music front, i'm still listening to the same ole things. Saying that though a band called Liquid Liquid have caught my ear recently.
  • Jake, where are you staying whilst your in London?
  • Tooting Bec - Souf o' the river

    What you up to this week?
  • I'm going to bed. Leave me some cool links to check out :-)

    Stuff my love muffin!
  • Snakes on a plane! Yes you guessed it, this film (released later this year) is about snakes being released on a plane. Watch the trailer to see why Hollywood may have sunk to an all new low.
  • I heard about this... Reminds me of a game me and a friend once played at a party. The aim was to use the phrase 'like bacon in a drawer' in every conversation we had.

    I have never been to such a fun, drunken and cheeky as fuck party before or since...
  • Night Night...
  • not up to much old boy - meeting bill tomorrow for beer if you want to meet?
  • Also, Kate is working on a visual arts/music/interaction festival - much like the apple touch screen you linked to but better - ill send you an e-flyer - whats your email?
  • Oi oi Dave, where are you and Kennyman meeting tomorrow ? Kate was telling me about the Cybersonica festival (i'm guessing that's the same thing as the interaction festival), is it this weekend?
  • Nah, its not for about 4 weeks. Meeting the kenny man near Holburn - whats your email, forgot my phone today?
  • Hey, Anna. Are you reading this?

    How's things? It's a little late / early for you no? How come you're up at such a silly hour of the morning?
  • JIM!!! I can see you...

    How's things?
  • Dan- not sure how would fit into your content-sphere but the festival I was badgering you about the other month has now started.

    maybe you could post something if appropriate? live webcast of press launch on wed evening (7.30pm-10pm GMT). you'll probs see seom familiar faces if you're still up. i've got a piece in there but isn't yet interactive- hopin there'll be time to sort it!
  • I don't really know what this thread is for, but I heard mention of an "elite club"...?

    It's like being at school again.

    I like a medium amount of chocolate on my biscuit - is that acceptable?
  • I suppose this is for all the things that don't involve half philosophising, half science fictionalising the universe away (like the rest of this forum appears to be concerned with)

    tell me about the weather or something, or at least off load your best here and I will try to do the same.

    All the good things Roland, all the good things...

    p.s. what would your English Polish service do with my website? I reckon the front page could do with a serious RolandTM makeover
  • Alright Dan, how are you old boy! Not been to forum for a while, found it all a bit hard to absorb. That Islam chap was a funny one eh?
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