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  • Sherrington!

    I missed you by one hour!

    How I miss thee!

    (By one hour!)

    Did you get my telephone message. I phoned you but you didn't answer so I made a recording on the recording machine that spoke to me. Can we play risk or something? I want to come down there some time soonish. Maybe for a weekend in a couple of weeks' time. Would that be any good for you?
  • Perhaps of interest to Danieru, an interesting teaching strategy with some amusing results:
  • Roland - perhaps we can arrange to meet soon - im online most days at work, next time you read this, make a suggestion at a time, and ill do my best be there.

    Yes, got your phone message, just been slack n getting back to you.

    Im coming to Scarborough soon for the last week in June, so dont come to London then! Maybe we should arrange a time in July?
  • Jim!

    Well, well, well..... What's up?
  • edited August 2006
    Hey Dan!

    Are you back yet?

    If so, welcome..........
  • I am back... see you soon
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