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  • I personally work as a shop assistant at the current moment, It gives me plenty of free time to think about life, the universe and everything. Plus I can plot RPG's like a mother-biatch
  • But doesn't that therefore lead to the question "If you destroyed the solar system and no-one survived, did it ever exist to begin with?"
    in Risking it all Comment by Tman May 2006
  • Thankfully I know I'm not going to christian heaven, all I have to do is die honourably in battle Smiting my enemies and I will get into Valhalla, It's a win/win for me
  • Personally I can't wait for the new Super samsh Brothers on it but I'm going to be a console whore anyways and get the PS3 and the Wii when they are released.
    in Wii Comment by Tman May 2006
  • It's kinda like that old toyota advert, the most use word in all of language is "ok" it just shows that people don't try to attain greatness, It just happens. On a slightly urelated note Perhaps only machines at the (still mythical) level of:…
  • by Misuse do you mean swearing? or grammatical Errors? Either way, It's all gud (see what I did there?)
  • Pimp my pope? The world holds it breath...
  • 28 Days later is a horror film with more levels that you care to think about, not only does it have the whole "Infected" deaths (alongside some others) but it's also got the ability to mke you think "what if this is happening right now?" I mean how …
  • "On an aside to this, if you happened to be the only human left when everyone vanished, what would be the first thing you would do?" I could read books for all enternity, then unfortunutly suffer a twilight zone cliche Seriously though, I'd ma…
  • Science and religion are basically the same thing, anything unproven can be classed as a "miracle" and anything found by religion can be stopped by science. Without one, there could not be the other
  • Well we are, we start wars for no apparant reason, attack and destroy the so called "enemy" then set up a weak government in our wake
  • Well they're always suprised when that big orange ball rises and falls each day
  • Whatever the scent of the Pope is, he must be a stronger dose, I mean the pope is God's go to guy, Right?
  • When the world gets to much, I contact
  • Much obliged, It's a gift (Like being able to memorise the "Mr.Frosty" Jingle from Playskool) :)
  • My Name is Tim and I'm from ye olde England! To confirm, yes we drink nothing but tea and warm lager and eat nothing but yorkshire puds and sunday lunches I found this site by typing "Kill God" Into Google