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Higher Entity


  • If you were popping up to Tokyo, you could get 5,000 of these cakes.
  • Same goes for trainers. If you don't get them now, they'll be just as uncool as your current ones when you do. 1 Large Hardon Collider = 1.6 million Reebok Pump 2.0 trainers I rest my case.
  • It will probe the structure of matter on scales 10 billion times smaller than anything "nano," creating fleeting elementary particles that, since the Big Bang, have existed almost exclusively in the imagination of theoretical physicists. Selecta. S…
  • Damn it! It should be "chaise longue". I wish I hadn't picked it now. And I just noticed Sputnik has a visit count of 1 and a comment count of 1. I hope it comes back.
  • OK, well, that makes 5 or more entries, but before I judge them, I need some clarification. What does "getting rooted" mean? Presumably, it is some sort of a willy- or poo-based gag originating from a playground somewhere...? If someone can fill …
  • Seconds out - round three:
  • The war. (Whoops.)
  • The effects of too much helium: a blank stare and a need to be held down.
  • Interesting... order to explore new... options, the brain must override the desire for immediate profit. ...unless you could trick your brain into associating the seeking of long-term profit with some more immediate benefit. In other words, m…
  • Perhaps of interest to Danieru, an interesting teaching strategy with some amusing results:
    in Comrades! Comment by Roland June 2006
  • Just thought this high-brow discussion should be rejuvenated with a new post and some new attention. As a qualified ethicist, I think I can shed some light here... The Ethics of Eating - in the Office or Elsewhere That Vegetarianism is Unimportan…
  • Sherrington! I missed you by one hour! How I miss thee! (By one hour!) Did you get my telephone message. I phoned you but you didn't answer so I made a recording on the recording machine that spoke to me. Can we play risk or something? I want…
    in Comrades! Comment by Roland June 2006
  • I take it you looked at my Essay Polish website, Dan. It was put on hold (along with my comedy self-portrait) since I got enough work through word of mouth. As for the Entity, I am on the whole impressed by the quality of English on display - even…
  • THIS MAY BE LONG AND BORING. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO IGNORE IT. I DON'T WANT TO KILL OFF THIS THREAD. Yeah, the whole violent catastrophe might not happen, but I think basing a community on knowledge is certainly not, on its own, going to result in a…
  • Where you once worked. (Click for increased bigness.)
    in Photopia Comment by Roland May 2006
  • Caber tossing
  • I know I'm a latecomer here, but please forgive me. So, Scorb has said: "As to what it is I seek to keep around forever, it is the thing that lets me know I am here now." (Apr 17) So it's not metaphysics that's being discussed after all, Mr What…
  • I don't really know what this thread is for, but I heard mention of an "elite club"...? It's like being at school again. I like a medium amount of chocolate on my biscuit - is that acceptable?
    in Comrades! Comment by Roland May 2006
  • I think it would only affect us as far as we let it. The thing about a jumbly, impartial mega-scientronoid being, such as might be germinating in our baby internets, is that it wouldn't be human. It might not (try to) understand itself. If it did…
  • I like this interview with a guy. Look at it.
    in Wii Comment by Roland May 2006
  • Re science: "...a rarely understood mass of society casts a single, collective shadow from which a lonely protagonist is wrought..." Nice one! Think about nerds. Trekkies. When followers get together, a hole in the narative will be found. It w…