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  • kayman may be right. In Consilience by E.O. Wilson, he says that we are moving into a "third stage" of evolution. The first was evolution by natural selection, the second (and present) stage, brought upon by our awareness of genetics, is being abl…
  • Has someone emailed William Gibson about this?
  • Right on. I just rewatched Requiem today to calm my pre-Fountain jitters. It's still a ways off, but the wait is getting more bearable. Lots of people are comparing Aaronofsky to Kubrick. While that's probably a bit premature, he does have an am…
  • Amazing looking trailers for films being released this year The Fountain The Prestige Children of Men Brick Invisible Waves
  • What I find heartening is that any one of these things could work to avert another. For example, an ecological crisis (ok, we're already there, but one that has progressed far enough to affect the day-to-day lives of first world citizens) could be …
  • Beautiful. I hope to go to Japan via JET when I graduate. How did you wind up there?
  • I'd be interested to know how Linde's theory comes to terms with the first law of thermodynamics -- while it's probably pointless for a non-pysicist such as myself to wonder about such things, the technical details of a pocket universe would seem to…
  • Past read: Course in General Linguistics by Ferdinand de Saussure : Linguistics, what? I like linguistics! Structuralism? That sounds familiar! Oh, so this is what they mean by "sign.." Having just finished this century old text, I feel that sev…
  • Hello all. My name is Aaron, I'm a college student living in North Carolina. I stumbled across this forum googling for discussions/ reviews of Hofstadter's new book "I am a Strange Loop," and found a great little thread about it. His G.E.B. was o…