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Robot Love in Japan

→ by Danieru
"By 2050, the over 65s in Japan are expected to make up a third of the population... and it's likely that technology will be relied upon to help look after them.

To help combat the loneliness of longevity - and in true Japanese style - the country has turned to technology for guidance.

Akino has been introduced to Primo Puel, an interactive doll that talks, giggles and even asks for cuddles.

It provides her with much of the company she longs for, especially in the evening.

Originally designed to be a substitute boyfriend for young single girls in the workforce, the doll has become an unexpected hit with elderly people across Japan.

Since they came on to the market five years ago, more than one million dolls have been sold."
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Blogger Biognome said...

Here in the U.S., if you see anyone over the age of 12 walking around with a doll, you talk about them behind their backs for a few days and then commit them...

April 13, 2005 5:48 PM    

Blogger wakarimasen said...

I need a cuddle! Right now, granny. No, don't touch me there.

April 16, 2005 3:05 AM    

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