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Is G8 too Late?

→ by Danieru

Now that the fanfare of Live 8 has subsided those crazy G8 summit members can get right down to the business of saving the world. But maybe in amongst the expensive dinners and fancy cocktails they might reflect on what is, for all intents and purposes, the most important learning tool that humanity has at its command : HISTORY...

New evidence released this week suggests that the Puebloan people of central America drove themselves to an early extinction around 700 years ago because of "human impact on the environment, high population levels and social and political factors, including violent conflict". Maybe the G8 leaders, from the thrones of their seemingly all powerful, media savvy empires, might take heed at the example of the people of Easter Island who over produced and competed their tiny civilisation to the point where NO trees were left whatsoever on their island home. Maybe the G8 leaders will research arguably the world's first great Civilisation, the Sumerian people. Over the course of a few centuries they turned the luscious pastures of the Middle Eastern Basin into the baron desert landscape we all know as the background for the Iraq wars...

Is this just pure pessimism? Here are the facts:

Are we doomed? Is their light at the end of the tunnel? Maybe, but only if EVERYONE makes a change in their lifestyle so drastic as to verge on the absolutely impossible.


Disagree? Think I'm ranting pure nonsense? Let me know, quote the figures, give me hope in Civilisation, in human nature... For a list of environmental topics covered in Wikipedia go here. I will post some further reading in the comments section of this post. Please do the same...

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Blogger Danieru said...

as promised here is some further reading:

Ronald Wright's A Short History of Progress - Is like a microscope on the history of progress and civilisation. Are we progressing? Have we learnt fro our past ecological mistakes? Is there hope for us yet? He is more optimistic than me...

John Gray's Straw Dogs - I cannot advertise this book enough. It is one of the most blinding reads I have ever come across and puts into perspective the turth that humans are simply animals, and animals driven to destroy and consume resources and each other on an endless pattern towards destruction. Hidden in its seemingly pessimistic vision though you will find a perspective on existence maybe you were too wrapped up in humanity to find before. Breath taking

check them out and please post any other good books/links/articles you have here

July 07, 2005 6:39 AM    

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