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Open Letter to the Intelligent Design Community

→ by Danieru
Dear ID Advocates,

It has come to my recent attention that Evolution has been given a new arch-enemy in the form of Intelligent Design. I got to admit, it was mighty clever of you guys to create an alternative to creationism that you could put forward as a scientific theory. I hear that the Kansas Education Board have been instilling ID brand mock-science into their school system. You must be well chuffed.

Could it be that under the surface of Darwin's grand, all encompassing theory you have found the cancer, rotting from the core the very basis of that scientific endeavour by simple epistemological demystification and lack of fully incontrovertible evidence? In other words, maybe you're pleased that there is no such thing as absolute truth and an absolutely finalised scientific theory, 'cos that means you can attack any statement you like. Of course it also means that under the header of 'scientifically based theory' you can peddle all manner of pseudo-religious ideologies. You've gone and re-written Genesis and called it 'modern scientific enquiry'. You must be well chuffed.

But before my congratulations begin to swell up your Intelligently Designed neo-cortex to mammoth proportions let's take a peek at one particular example of species diversification where Evolution and ID must find a compromise. Is that ok?

Could it be the case that in some higher dimension of the scientifically described non-corporeal world we inhabit a great, possibly all knowing, being took it upon himself/themselves/itself to design a creature with such majestic political plumage as George W Bush? Did design come into it?

Of course Darwinian idealists (or scientists as we like to call them) would suggest that George W Bush was nothing more than an outcome drawn from millions of years of evolutionary diversity. A billion generations powered under the engine of 'chance' by the mutations constituted throughout in random fluctuation. Georgey B came about through chance; his actions defy judgment outside the realm of the personal. What George does, thinks and feels can only be ascribed to George himself. WE have no Designer. We have no 'higher purpose' to fall back on. WE just have George Bush (God/Intelligent Designer Help Us)!

George himself would state that he is doing 'the work of God'. But is George acting out 'the work of the Designer whom at one time did apply Intelligence to his very conception'? Sliding my ID cap from its dusty solilioquous existence, I hasten to doubt this very belief for which I can only ascribe myself as the utterer, and somehow I doubt you'd agree either.

Hey it's up to you. An Intelligently Designed George W Bush would sure be something to see. But Monkey through Ape came Man then Bush makes more sense to me. This 'theory', just like George himself, seems a lot less complicated.

Anyway, I've stated my case, all be it a little confusedly. That big Designer in the sky fairly does work in mysterious ways. Kansas only knows why...

Lots of Love
Mr. Daniel

P.S. You must be well chuffed.

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Blogger Danieru said...

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July 12, 2005 10:24 AM    

Blogger Danieru said...

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July 20, 2005 4:02 AM    

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