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The Simulacrum of Art or The Art of Simulacrum?

→ by Danieru
...Baudrillard expanded on his theme. "We say that Disneyland is not, of course, the sanctuary of the imagination, but Disneyland as hyperreal world masks the fact that all America is hyperreal, all America is Disneyland," he said. "And the same for art. The art scene is but a scene, or obscene"—he paused for chuckles from the audience—"mask for the reality that all the world is trans-aestheticized. We have no more to do with art as such, as an exceptional form. Now the banal reality has become aestheticized, all reality is trans-aestheticized, and that is the very problem. Art was a form, and then it became more and more no more a form but a value, an aesthetic value, and so we come from art to aesthetics—it's something very, very different. And as art becomes aesthetics it joins with reality, it joins with the banality of reality. Because all reality becomes aesthetical, too, then it's a total confusion between art and reality, and the result of this confusion is hyperreality. But, in this sense, there is no more radical difference between art and realism. And this is the very end of art. As form.”- link
Great to see that the big simulacrum himself is still going strong. Baudrillard was light years ahead of his time, and still has a voice worth paying attention too. And in the post digital revolution, where all knowledge is available 24 hours a day, regardless or not whether it is knowledge worth being shared, content itself has become all the more meaningless.

I haven't looked so much into the simulacrisation of art, but then in the post modern sense isn't the recognition that life has continued past simulacrum, beyond any form of mass production, isn't this the only true art that is left?

When humans are dead and gone and the culture we value so dear is nothing but tatters of juxtaposed material, molecules in strange arrangements, then everything we now label art will be an illusion. Everything that is except the simulacrum of the whole that is left. The many aspects of the whole will merge as one, a vast monolithic remnant of humanity's creative output - recognisable as the ultimate copy of everything that humanity came to be, and everything we copied out of existence.

Trust Baudrillard to twinkle even himself out of existence...

"What I am, I don't know," Baudrillard said, with a Gallic twinkle in his eye. "I am the simulacrum of myself." - link

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