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The 29th Meeting of The Sceptics' Circle...

→ by Danieru
In prose nor dialectic,
equality you'll find,
but semantic perspiration,
of testosteron-ic kinds.

Today's sceptical enquiries,
their beauty will astound,
an inner neutral wonder,
in Haiku can be found.

But please whilst idly glancing,
debating inner scathings,
think to yourself in half-rhyme:
Where are all the sceptic ladies?

Here are this Circle's submissions:

May Mu - surely the inspiration behind all scepticism - find you today...

If hacking terror,
did get the Feds a' twitching:
where's the evidence?

Jim Lippard

Whippet goes missing
brought out a psychic searcher:
Five thousand reward.

Lord Runolfr
For paranoia,
cannabis is your enemy.
The truth stays hidden.

Martin Rundkvist
Religion is trite.
Like grandpa's magical ring:
symbolic of lies.

Transhumans daydream
Utopia in motion:
Science cast as God.

Mr. Danieru
You are self obsessed,
a perceptual black-hole:
Mu don't even exist...

Mr. Danieru

Hydrogen 2 Ohmmmm,
your spirit bottled purely:
cash in the nonsense.

Clark Bartram & Todd Crane

Those Internet memes
reflect our innate nature:

Cancer pathogen?
Healthy herbal medicine?
No, it's Chaparral.


Why Doctors Data?
Taster's Brew By Tuesday Due?
Bottom Lines Don't Hide

Dad Of Cameron
(thanks for the Haiku!)

If my cells can think,
Did untelligent design
come to mediate?

Ethics averted
by judgment on autism:
the scars never heal.

Jonathan Semetko
The Admiral's flight
Found mammoths long since extinct:
A Hollow theory.

John J. McKay
Unconscious bias
tips the objective balance:
your reason is flawed.

Adam Lee
Is docility
so really worth attaining?
Chemically Castrate!?!

"Das ist das Fliegen
(pause for dramatic effect)
Spagheti Monster!"

Religious fervour
v. Scientific rigour:
A truce unlikely.

Todd Crane
A huge convergence
of major conspiracies
in RFID.

Mike Nilsen
(thanks for the Haiku!)
Science under fire!
So, batten down the hatches!
Scepticism ahoy!

Phil Plait
Their untelligence,
akin to designed numbers,
can't spot the nonsense!

Josh Rosenau

That was the 29th Sceptics' Circle! I hope you enjoyed the broad variety of Mu on show. Next host is Paige’s Page on March 16th. Let's hope all those sceptical ladies resolve themselves out of the mists by then...

UPDATE: For anyone who was wondering exactly what a 'Mu Haiku' is - here's the very first Huge Entity - Mu post - or alternatively browse through these entries to get a more up to date idea...

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Blogger Eh Nonymous said...

A great achievement,
Pleasing to eye and to mind.
Skeptics circle: great!

March 02, 2006 2:51 PM    

Blogger miken said...

Good breadth of topics
true depth of analysis

March 02, 2006 8:04 PM    

Blogger IAMB said...

Thoughts of doubt kindled
Organized here by our host
Nicely done says I

March 02, 2006 8:22 PM    

Blogger Martin said...

The question of where all the skeptic ladies are was recently pondered on the Swedish Skeptics' web forum.

I suggested that skepticism is a non-controversial part of middle class male behaviour, with New Age activities the accepted counterpart for ladies. So none of us is actually thinking independently: we're just cattle, doing what's expected of us.

The really free Übermensche are the female skeptics and the male new agers. Neither of whom are very many.

March 02, 2006 10:02 PM    

Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Beautifully done,
Top to bottom, front to back,
I'm satiated.

March 03, 2006 12:43 AM    

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