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The Conceptual Time-Capsule:

→ by Danieru
A Huge Entity presentation on non-possible futures!

Last UPDATED Wednesday, November 15th

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a time-capsule as "a container used to store for posterity a selection of [entities] thought to be representative of life at a particular time." With this is mind, we thought it might be interesting to assemble our own time-capsule and, this being the web-lead information age, bury that capsule online, in an enormous web-garden.

What ideas will future generations glance back at and laugh in contemptuous hindsight? In 50 years time which contemporary cultural memes will be deader than the proverbial Dodo? Lying in the digital darkness of our internet time-capsule these questions, and more, will have to wait 50 years of technological shifts; of societal upheavals; of cultural fermentation before they can be answered.

Let the concepts bury themselves as we set to work...

Featuring short musings from the most original minds in the universe:


1Our Waking Dream of Progressby Weber's Polar Night
2The Demise of the Demagogueby Velcro City Tourist Board
3Our Slumbering Super-Organismby Hyperaware Consciousness
4Transformative Potentialby Reality Carnival / Pickover.com
5The God-Shaped Hole (Part I)by The Huge Entity (Danieru)
6The God-Shaped Hole (Part II)by The Huge Entity (Danieru)
More to come soon...

More to come over the next few days! Including contributions from other insatiable Huge Entities... If you find yourself still gagging for more then why not try out our previous feature:

UPDATE: Introducing a printable version of The Conceptual Time-Capsule! Works great as a miniature accompaniment to any car, train, bus or plane journey....

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