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Eight Reasons Why 'You' Don't Exist...

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A Mind Program Called Ego

by Thomas Herold
Quantum Biocommunication

Someone gave me a book from a famous Indian author entitled 'Who Cares?'. In this book Ramesh Balsekar explains the mystery around the ego and why it's all an illusion. Reading this book inspired me to read more and I followed up my reading with a book on the science of mind.

That topic brought me finally to Quantum Physics and I slowly began to understand a bit of what had happened in my life (for more details on my story check out my site Quantum Biocommunication). There is only one mind, the experience of a separated mind is an illusion caused by a mind program called ego.

The ego is a sub program in the mind that separates our entity from all the rest. This is necessary otherwise we could not make any experiences. It is a program that starts building in the early days and is "supposed" to end before or with our physical death.

The illusion is experienced because our attention is focused on the stream of the ego. The moment attention finds its way back to source where it ultimately comes from, you are no longer separated as the source is the only entity that has no limits whatsoever. There can be no "I" anymore. There are studies from William A.Tiller and Benjamin Libet and Fred Alan Wolf on consciousness.

Several experiments are indicating that a signal from outside is processed in the brain before we are conscious about it. On a quantum level a wave function is collapsed and the result is a particle in time and space and therefore gets represented as reality in the consciousness.

That brings us to the topic of free will. Ultimately there is a free will of course. But this free will does not come from the ego and the consciousness - it arrives from the source. The source is making the decisions. And because we are the source we do make the decisions. But don't mix this up with your ego state. Remember your ego state is an illusion. However because you create the illusion you experience it as real as long as your attention is directed towards your ego and your daily consciousness.

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Written by

Thomas Herold
Quantum Biocommunication


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