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One Reason Why 'You' Don't Exist...

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by Christopher Willcock
Cutie Programmer

The universe has no neurons. A true statement? What sigh and what groan -- what lark upon high draws this little reckoning?

A universe exists and certainly a scientist within. A conceptualizing scientist -- the calculating machine; objectively speaking and no more than capable -- creating calculating machines of greatly comparable complexity.

In mathematics, the zero is a word-member of mathematical language referring to the mathematically defined state null. The actualized word 'null', in agreement with the mathematical usage of the zero, is as yet not the void in itself -- the linguistically defined absence of a lexical descriptor and all other things. The universal nil when derived wholly from itself remains a lacuna in all experiential quantification.

This guideline is indicative of a universe in which the nil is not evidentiary but exists as a virtual object in agreement with it's apprehensible actualized existence. Reflection on this state is best approached as toward a state intrinsically devoid of activating information; wherein everything has been removed from everything. Examples include the instructions implied by a blank instruction tape entering a Turing Machine and the sound contained on a blank compact disc being played through a stereo system.

The description of such universal congruence requires a condition of existence, itself reliant on the apprehensible unconditioned which presents itself to a faculty of expression.

If the observable universe contains this body and the body is part of the universe; containment indeed is a limit of the body of mankind. And what other can there be?
"Than fly to others that we know not of?" - Hamlet, Shakespeare
What accomplished may observe such a thing as no calculating machine may draw upon? Things proscribed have little merit and things measured insignificant appeal. Herein lays not weight -- but wonder! Where does the descriptor end and the functor begin?

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Written by

Christopher Willcock
Cutie Programmer

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