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Five Reasons Why 'You' Don't Exist...

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A Reflexive Everything

by Daniel Poynter
Hyperaware Consciousness

'You' do not exist, and you don't love Family Guy, lip syncing monkeys and free Internet porn. If you exist in the traditional Western way - dualistic and distinct from your environment/body - then you should be able to draw distinctions between yourself and environment both in space and time. This can not be done. Where do you end and where does not-you begin?

Therefore, 'you' do not exist. What you think exists, your ego, is an illusion built on ephemeral foundations, maintained linguistically (identifying with your speech and inner monologue), legally (democratic individualism; "I have a say in government.") and capitalistically (identifying with what media/products you consume; as well as "I own this wealth.").

When do we come into being? Richard Taylor in his 'Metaphysics':

"There is, for example, no moment of birth; birth is itself a process that takes time... Having noted this, one is then invited to work back to some imagined 'moment' at which existence itself began. But existence of what? An ovum? a zygote? bonded genetic material? fused nuclei? life? a blastula? an embryo? a person? what? And the next thing to note is, whichever of these one selects, its coming into existence is also a process, and not something that is achieved in a 'moment.' The beginnings of a particular ovum, for example, are nebulous and in no sense located at a point in time." - (pg 121)
Where are your physical boundaries? Even if you are a materialist in the mind/body debate and identify with your nervous system, the nervous system is not pristine. Molecules are always coming and leaving the supposed 'surface' of the nervous system and of the supposed 'surface' of the body. Such a surface is at best fuzzy, and at worst and most likely, arbitrary.

Your ego does not exist. The real you is a reflexive everything. *All is one*. Don't let these clichés disgust you.

Many clichés are beautifully fundamental. It's just that people with no comprehension of these phrases's beauty misuse them. And so, these insights into the very nature of Being are gradually made ugly through their repetitive misuse. *All is one*.

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Written by

Daniel Poynter
Hyperaware Consciousness

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